New Content Section on DraftExpress

New Content Section on DraftExpress
Nov 19, 2009, 03:28 pm
Starting today, you’ll find a new means of consuming the latest NBA draft content on DraftExpress, via the box directly underneath the article section on the front page.

We’ll update this area daily with our latest thoughts on NBA draft prospects and other things going on in the basketball world, including but not limited to:

-Film we’re watching of draft prospects
-Lives games we’re attending or watching on TV
-Links to NBA draft (or non draft) related articles we’re reading
-Commentary on things going on in the basketball world
-“Retweets” of things that were said on Twitter that we found interesting or agreed with
-Books we’re reading
-Upgrades we’ve made to DraftExpress
-Talk of upcoming articles we're working on at DraftExpress
-Replies to questions or comments made to us via Twitter
-Replies to emails sent to us (feel free to chime in using the email address listed below)
-Requests for feedback on articles, scouting reports, etc
-Much more

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