Final Four Picks, and More...

Final Four Picks, and More...
Mar 31, 2007, 02:24 pm

-If you’re in Atlanta for the Final Four and are one of the hundreds of people who had their car towed last night, you know what I’m talking about. There is basically no parking anywhere, so we ended up parking at a grocery store (which was closed for business) next to the bar we were going to last night. The city of Atlanta was nice enough to move our car and the cars of at least 100 others to a parking lot ten miles away for the low price of $105.00. Most of the people at the lot attempting to get their cars out were out-of-towners in town for the Final Four. They didn’t seem to be all that anxious to return to the wonderful city of Atlanta any time soon.

I’ve had the worst vehicular luck this NCAA Tournament. First I’m in an accident while driving home from the Xavier vs Ohio State game, then my car gets towed the night before the Final Four.


-I actually got the entire Final Four correct in the bracket I filled out prior to the start of the Tournament, but wound up changing my mind once the Elite Eight was set and took Memphis over Ohio State. I was 3-1 in the Elite Eight and am now 45-16 for the entire tournament.

-I had Florida beating Georgetown in my original bracket and am sticking with that pick.

UCLA’s defense has been outstanding throughout the tournament, but I believe Florida’s offense will step up and get it done. The Gators have enough scoring threats to be effective against UCLA.

Georgetown and Ohio State is an interesting game because both teams have such strong frontcourts. If Georgetown can stay out of foul trouble, I believe they’ll get it done today. Both teams are very strong in several areas, so it should be a very good game as well.

As I always say, at this stage of the Tournament, anyone’s guess is as good as anyone else’s.

If the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament is as good as the Final Four of the NIT, we’re in for a real treat. Both of those games were decided by just one point.

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