2014 LeBron James Skills Academy Measurements and Analysis

2014 LeBron James Skills Academy Measurements and Analysis
Jul 11, 2014, 08:56 pm
The measurements from the 2014 LeBron James Skills Academy were released this week.

You can find all the results from this year's testing in our historic measurements database.

We've analyzed the measurements of many of the players at the LeBron James Skills Academy when they were measured at the Kevin Durant Skills Academy and the Point Guard and Big Man Skill Academies.

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Point Guard and Shooting Guard Skill Academies Measurements and Analysis

Notable Players
-Class of 2017 phenom DeAndre Ayton measured 7'0 tall in shoes with a 7'4.5 wingspan. The young center needs to continue adding muscle to his 220-pound frame, but he's tremendously gifted for a young big man and already has excellent measurables. Ayton, right now, roughly the same size and length of Greg Oden who measured 7'0 in shoes with a 7'4.25 wingspan at the NBA Combine in 2007, though Oden had bulked up to 257 pounds by that point.

-Elite 2015 scorer Malik Newman measured 6'4 in shoes with a 6'5.5 wingspan and a 180-pound frame. Newman, a tremendously explosive perimeter scorer, is smaller than Jamal Crawford who measured 6'5.5 in shoes with a 6'10 wingspan in 2010, but bigger than Monta Ellis who measured 6'3.25 in shoes with a 6'2.75 wingspan at 177 pounds in 2005. He has good, but not outstanding size and length for a shooting guard at the next level.

-Highly touted 2015 big man Doral Moore measured 7'0 with a 7'0.5 wingspan and a solid 240 pound frame. He is one of the more promising interior players in his class and has gained roughly 15 pounds over the last year.

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25.6 Points
8.3 Rebounds
10.0 Assists
26.1 PER
0.0 Points
0.0 Rebounds
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0.0 PER
18.2 Points
11.5 Rebounds
1.9 Assists
20.0 PER
20.0 Points
5.0 Rebounds
2.0 Assists
30.4 PER
5.0 Points
0.0 Rebounds
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33.4 PER
8.5 Points
2.7 Rebounds
3.2 Assists
9.9 PER
6.9 Points
5.9 Rebounds
0.6 Assists
17.4 PER

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