Roger Mason Jr

Drafted #30 in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Bulls
RCSI: 37 (1999)
Height: 6'5" (196 cm)
Weight: 199 lbs (90 kg)
Position: SG
High School: Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (Maryland)
Hometown: Washington, DC
College: Virginia
Current Team:


NBA Scouting Reports, Southeastern Division (Part 2)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Eric Weiss
Eric Weiss
May 09, 2008, 09:13 am
Overview: Mason has put in the work and made himself one of the best values in the league as a hired gun. His shooting from the perimeter, both set and off the dribble, is amongst the best in the league. Mason takes most of his shots from 3-point land, but has become deadly using the pick-and-roll game to get off one and two dribble attempts.

Strengths: Mason is an excellent scorer off the bench. He has just about every shot necessary to impact a game offensively when he's got it going, mostly from the perimeter. He is one of the better shooters in the league at making challenged jump shots. Washington likes to use him as a big guard for his size on offense, which makes it easier for him to get off clean looks at the basket.

Defensively, Mason is a pretty solid man defender-especially when matched up against back-up PGs. His length and size are a problem for opponents and he keeps them working on the other end of the court because of his constant motion. Mason is good at pressuring jump shots and doesn't give his man a lot of open looks. Washington uses him very effectively in his role, which increases his effectiveness on that end of the court.

Weaknesses: Mason isn't much of a driver, so when his shot isn't falling he doesn't give you much offensively. He rarely gets to the free throw line. He isn't a playmaker for others, so the offense really has to find him in order to impact the game. He can also be somewhat of a chucker, forcing shots even when he's not hitting.

Mason's high energy approach to the game limits the length of time he can be effective defensively. The longer he goes in a game the less aggressive he becomes on that side of the ball. Surprisingly, he doesn't get taken advantage of that frequently as his initial intensity usually softens his opponent's aggression.


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