Leandro Barbosa

Drafted #28 in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Suns
Height: 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight: 176 lbs (80 kg)
Position: SG
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Current Team: Minas
Win - Loss: 3 - 3


NBA Scouting Reports, Pacific Division (Part Four)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Aug 20, 2008, 09:47 pm
Overview: A lightning quick combo guard who is a rather unique commodity. Has good size and length for a point guard, but plays most of his minutes at the 2. An outstanding athlete who may be the fastest player in the NBA. Almost impossible to keep out of the lane once he gets going. Will knock down shots from the perimeter at an excellent rate in addition to being able to get almost anywhere on the floor. Will show some rudimentary playmaking skills from time to time, and is capable of giving his team a few nervous minutes per game at the point. Doesn’t offer much defensively. Played professionally in Brazil until 2003. Has developed significantly since entering the League. Won the NBA Sixth Man Award in 2007. Not a model of consistency, but very good at what he does nonetheless.

Offense: An efficient offensive player who gets most of his shots in spot, transition, and pick and roll situations, and is most comfortable operating in transition. Shows a very quick release and consistent form on his jump shot. Doesn’t get great elevation or have a high release point, making the speed he releases that much more important. Great catch and shoot player. Isn’t bothered by a hand in his face. Very good from three-point range, and relies very heavily on this part of his game, taking about 40% of his attempts from behind the arc. Doesn’t have much of an in-between game--tends to avoid taking midrange shots. Usually either takes 3-pointers or drives the ball all the way to the basket, due to his average ball-handling skills and unorthodox shooting mechanics. Takes some questionable short-range jumpers when met with a defender, since he often doesn’t have the body control to slither his way around him. Will beat most help-side defenders to the rim due to his unreal quickness. Gets out in transition for long outlet passes about as well as any guard in the league. Has one of the League’s most explosive first steps. Proves to be a capable finisher despite his size. Won’t try to dunk on anyone. Knows how to use his body and the rim to shield the ball, but could do a better job initiating contact and drawing fouls. Probably at his best in transition. Will blow by defenders with ease in fast break situations, or set up for outside jump shots. Shows average ball handling ability, and noticeably favors driving left, but isn’t turnover prone at all. Uses his speed, not his handle, to be effective. Often looks out of control by the time he gets to the rim. Doesn’t draw as many free throws as you might expect, but hits the ones he gets at a solid clip. Not the type of player you can isolate at the top of the key and ask to create his own shot by himself. Most comfortable using a screen or operating in space in the open court. Not the most creative player around--won’t bring much to the table as a passer. Can be a decent drive and dish player, but is prone to looking for his own shot. Not a point guard by any means, looks like a bit of a fish out of water when asked to be a primary ball-handler and run a complex half-court offense. Will always be limited by his size and average skill-level, but can put up big numbers (and do so efficiently) due to his speed and shooting ability, particularly playing next to a playmaker like Steve Nash and in an up-tempo system.

Defense: A very poor defensive player, despite having the prototypical physical traits of a ball hawking point guard, due to his poor fundamentals. Often asked to defend taller players, leaving him at a disadvantage. Has great quickness, but is lackadaisical and will get taken off the dribble frequently. Doesn’t get low enough to effectively use his speed defensively and isn’t tall enough to contest the shots of most two guards. Susceptible to being isolated against out on the perimeter—something that every team seems to do once he comes in the game. Seems to stay too high when closing out, making it easier for his man to get to the rim. Will miss a rotation every now and again. Awareness is just average, even when he does try to turn up his intensity. Gets a steal every now and then by virtue of his tremendous foot speed. May be better suited guarding point guards, but isn’t able to playing mostly next to Steve Nash, who is no stopper himself.

Latest results

02/05/2023 72 - 83 at Quimsa Quimsa
02/04/2023 111 - 73 at Bigua Bigua
01/30/2023 96 - 89 at Sao Jose Sao Jose
01/18/2023 90 - 61 vs Bigua Bigua


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