Hollis Price

RCSI: 53 (1999)
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Position: PG
High School: St. Augustine High School (Louisiana)
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
College: Oklahoma
Current Team: Oklahoma
Win - Loss: 20 - 12


Top Non Draft-Eligible Euroleague Regular Season Performers (Part Two)

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Feb 15, 2008, 10:32 pm
The absolute catalyst behind Lietuvos Rytas’ surprise first-place finish in Group E with a stellar 11-3 record, Hollis Price took another huge step this season in establishing himself as one of the top American point guards in Europe.

A waterbug point guard, relatively small at just 6’0 ½ in shoes, but with supreme quickness, Price is one of the top scorers in the Euroleague at over 17 points per game. He’s first and foremost an outstanding shooter, hitting 43% of his attempts from behind the arc, while ranking at the top of list in terms of made 3-pointers this season. Price has slightly strange mechanics, leaning and even jumping forward on most of his attempts, looking slightly off-balance, but you can’t argue with the results he gets. He can come off a screen or pull-up off the dribble, and seems to gain effectiveness as the game moves on, hitting his peak in the fourth quarter.

He’s also an excellent ball-handler, quick as the devil and capable of going either left or right, changing directions incredibly well and being very difficult to stay in front of. He’s very creative with the way he manufactures situations for himself and his teammates, doing an excellent job finishing at the rim relative to his size, due to his explosiveness and the aggressiveness in which he attacks with.

As a point guard, Price is streaky at times, but is very solid in a number of areas. He’s very good at using the pick and roll, and does a very nice job pushing the ball up the floor and getting his team in transition. Rytas plays a slightly more deliberate style than most Euroleague teams, and Price seems to do a good job moving the ball around unselfishly and helping his team find good shots (which they do exceptionally well). With that said, he’s their main facilitator, and when things break down and the shot clock gets into single digits, he’s usually the one expected to take responsibilities and make something happen.

It’s in these instances in particular that Price can look somewhat wild, showing questionable shot-selection, making risky passes, and being fairly turnover prone. He’s always been known as more of a scorer than a playmaker, and although he’s improved in this area, this still holds true today.

Defensively, Price is definitely on the small side, although his 6’4 ½ wingspan helps him to a certain extent, as does his terrific toughness and lateral quickness. His lack of strength means he will struggle at times getting through screens, and can also be overpowered by bigger guards, but to his credit, he does a good job of not backing down, as has been his reputation throughout his career. He is prone to some mental lapses, though, and is not much of a threat in the passing lanes.

Price is a very energetic player, a fan-favorite, who shows great heart and is not afraid to step up in clutch situations. He seems to be reaching his prime five years into his European basketball career, and will likely be snatched up by one of the traditional Euroleague powerhouses this summer.