Chris Mihm

Drafted #7 in the 2000 NBA Draft by the Cavaliers
Height: 7'0" (213 cm)
Weight: 265 lbs (120 kg)
Position: C
High School: Westlake High School (Texas)
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
College: Texas
Current Team:


NBA Scouting Reports, Pacific Division (Part Two)

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Aug 05, 2008, 02:33 am
Overview: A relatively skilled center who has suffered some serious injury problems over the past few years. Possesses good height, but has just an average frame. Has above average mobility for a center, but isn’t extremely explosive. Brings some nice things to the table offensively. Shoots the ball well with decent range, and has a nice post repertoire. Decent rebounder for his height. A little bit too aggressive defensively. Commits too many fouls for a player with his level of experience. Hasn’t been consistent throughout his career, partially due to injuries, and partially due to a certain lack of toughness. Didn’t play at all in 06/07, because of ankle and foot problems. Developed significantly and became an impact player at Texas. Named a first team All-American as a junior before declaring for the draft. Has never lived up to the lofty expectations set for him as the 7th overall pick. If healthy, may still be a serviceable big man for someone.

Offense: A solid offensive player who has seen his potential depleted by injuries. Gets almost half of his offense in the post, but will also make some hustle plays on the offensive glass and moving off the ball. Solid shooting stroke, but could become much more consistent from mid-range still. Won’t do a lot of dribbling. Nice hands and very good touch around the basket. Can catch and finish and is solid on the pick and roll. A bit too predictable in the post. Turns over his left shoulder almost exclusively. Could definitely stand to work on his left hand. Struggles to establish position deep in the post due to his just-average strength. More of a finesse player. Not terribly tough or explosive around the rim. Needs to work on use fakes to finish without space. Average foul shooter. Very good at running the pick and roll. Nice skill set for a center, but still needs polish.

Defense: Tries to play defense, but is very foul prone. Not going to help his team out a great deal on this end. Takes himself out of games by hacking shooters at the rim. Makes some plays as a shot blocker, but needs to learn to go straight up and be more selective. Will get pushed around by strong offensive players from time to time. This is especially true when he is rebounding. Makes an effort to box out, but isn’t quite strong enough to maintain position. Does a good job defending the pick and roll for a big man.