Not in any ranking or draft
Height: 6'7" (201 cm)
Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)
Position: SF
High School: Harry Ainlay School (Alberta)
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
College: Loyola Chicago
Current Team: Chemnitz
Win - Loss: 28 - 9


BioSteel All Canadian High School Basketball Game Scouting Reports

Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Apr 13, 2016, 03:54 pm
Aher Uguak, 6-7 SF, Edmonton, 1999

-Very good size and length for a wing prospect – 6' 7” with a 6' 10.5” wingspan and a 201-pound frame that still has room to fill out. Proportionate upper and lower body.
-Solid athlete. Can play above the rim in space.
-Nice touch on his catch and shoot jumper. Gets good rotation. Solid mechanics.
-Can straight line slash a little bit.
-Potential defensively thanks to his tools.

-Good not great athlete.
-Fairly rigid ball handler. Limited to straight line drives. Struggles getting to his jumper off the bounce.
-Very basic offensive game. Not the most comfortable playmaker.
-Streaky spot up shooter. Doesn't catch on the hop. Release isn't all that quick. Needs to be able to make shots consistently due to his limitations as a shot creator.
-Has room to improve his defensive fundamentals.

Outlook Uguak has the tools and shooting potential to eventually develop into a 3 and D type of prospect after four years at New Mexico. He's not a very flashy player, as he isn't an advanced half court scorer or playmaker, but it's not easy to find wings with size and length that can make a shot and defend. Uguak has the ability to both; it's just a matter of how well that will determine his fate as a prospect.

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