Abbreviation: CHA
City: Charlotte
Country: USA
Arena: Time Warner Cable Arena ( Charlotte , NC )
Conference: Eastern
Division: Southeast
04/28/2014 98 - 109 vs Heat Heat
04/26/2014 85 - 98 vs Heat Heat
04/23/2014 97 - 101 at Heat Heat
04/20/2014 88 - 99 at Heat Heat

Mock Draft picks

Before the season is over and the lottery drawn, those picks are just an indication of what they could be.


  • Heat trades Miami trades a 2019 second round pick to Charlotte.
  • Spurs trades Charlotte trades a 2016 second round pick (protected 31-55) to San Antonio. No obligation if the pick falls in the protected range.

NBA Draft Pick History

Pick Player Stats Situation
Year # Player CO Pos Age Pts Reb Ast PER Team League NBA EWA