NBA Scouting Reports, Pacific Division (Part Two)

NBA Scouting Reports, Pacific Division (Part Two)
Aug 05, 2008, 02:33 am
Continuing our series of articles filling out our database with scouting reports of every single NBA player, we look at the next team in the Pacific division, the Los Angeles Lakers.

As a reminder, we are not currently profiling rookies or sophomores, but you should be able to find in-depth scouting reports on every player of note by clicking their profiles or using our search engine above.

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Los Angeles Lakers

Trevor Ariza

Overview: A very athletic small forward who was developing into an impact player before getting hurt last season. Has good size for the small forward position and a 7-2 wingspan. Possesses great quickness and moves laterally as well as some point guards. Shows explosive leaping ability. Uses his athleticism to be effective. Gets out in transition and is a capable finisher. Doesn’t have much of a jump shot. Can be effective as a slasher. Had shown signs of development offensively before getting injured with the Magic in 2006. Can bring a lot to the table as a defender and rebounder due to his athleticism. Still has quite a bit of upside considering his age relative to players of similar experience levels. Spent only one season at UCLA before entering the draft. Needs to improve his skill-level considerably to reach his potential, particularly with his outside shooting, as well as add bulk to his frame, but has the tools to be a very solid player.

Offense: Gets a fifth of his offense from each of fast breaks, spot ups, and cuts off the ball. Somewhat limited offensively in the half-court. A very poor shooter, particularly from beyond the arc. Mechanics aren’t terrible, but consistency isn’t there at this point. Has a tendency to rush his shot at times. Won’t do a lot of damage off the dribble—ball-handling skills are average, but his first step is terrific. Gets most of his shots at the rim, where he is a very good finisher (among the best in the league actually). Uses his explosive leaping ability and outstanding extension to rise above the defense and dunk the ball in traffic. Shows solid touch at the rim when he can’t dunk the ball. Gets to the free throw line at an excellent rate, but doesn’t shoot a good percentage. Put up great numbers as a slasher in Orlando before getting injuries. Still trying to round back into form. Moves extremely well without the ball. Does a good job of getting up the floor in transition and reading his teammates in half court sets. Good offensive rebounder. Doesn’t turn the ball over and shows solid passing ability. Has shown potential, but needs to find the right atmosphere for his offensive skills. Doesn’t get many opportunities at this point. Still a fairly efficient guy, which helps.

Defense: A versatile defender that can defend both perimeter positions effectively. Has the lateral quickness, size, and athleticism to be a very good defender. Shows a good work ethic and a willingness to mix it up in the lane. Uses his length to make plays in passing lanes. Displays very good anticipation. One of the best in the NBA per-minute at coming up with steals. Doesn’t block a lot of shots or commit many fouls, but does a good job contesting shots. Will box out and pursue rebounds at a terrific rate. Possesses all the physical tools necessary to be a great defender in extended minutes, but will have to improve in other areas to get more than rotation minutes.

Kobe Bryant

Overview: A surefire Hall of Famer who is arguably the best player in basketball today. Son of former NBA player Joe Bryant. Unreal work ethic, intensity, and competitive spirit. Has all the physical tools necessary to dominate a game athletically. Jumps out of the gym, shows a good first step, and is incredibly strong. Not only a physical specimen, but a master of one-on-one offensive skills. Handles the ball extremely well for a shooting guard. Capable of setting up his teammates. Can beat his man off the dribble consistently. Phenomenal mid-range game. Unstoppable when hot. Has become one of the League’s best defensive players as he’s progressed. Capable of playing lock down defense when it counts. Pulls down rebounds in traffic when he decides to pursue them. Never afraid to do it all late in games. Among the league leader year in and year out in minutes played. Conditioning is legendary. Developed quickly after landing with the Lakers out of Lower Merion HS. Won every award imaginable as a prep. Teamed with Shaquille O’Neal to win NBA Championships in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Still trying to recapture that success. Nine time All-Star and seven time All-Defensive team member. Saw his charismatic image take numerous hits due to internal disputes in Los Angeles and legal issues. No longer as marketable, but still one of the top players to ever lace them up.

Offense: One of the most prolific offensive players ever. Makes shots from everywhere. Gets about a third of his offensive one-on-one, with fast breaks, pick and rolls, spot ups, and post ups accounting for another tenth each. Very efficient scorer. Fantastic shooting stroke. Can make shots frequently without his feet set and falling away. Equally consistent off the dribble. Great catch and shoot player. Tremendous finisher at the rim. Seems to hang in the air for days before putting the ball up. Gets to the free throw line at a great rate, and converts between 80-85% once there. Possibly the best in the league at creating his own shot. Knows how to use fakes to get open looks from the midrange in. Almost impossible to stop one-on-one. Great ball handler, going either left or right. Has no trouble running the point and getting in the lane. Very good passer as well. Creates shot for his teammates with ease, thanks to his terrific feel for the game. Very good in the post as well. Will punish mismatches down there on a regular basis. Dominant in almost every aspect of the game. Takes over when it counts. Can will his team to victory. Ridiculous killer instinct. At times takes too much upon himself and freezes teammates out. Doesn’t always know his limitations. Shot-selection isn’t always the best. Will settle for some extremely difficult attempts, particularly from beyond the arc, which hurts his 3-point percentages. Has been criticized for being overly dominant and a bit selfish at times, but has learned to involve his teammates more consistently as career went on.

Defense: Easily the best perimeter defender on the Los Angeles roster. Absolutely great when he wants to be. Will get in his mans jersey, stay low, and move his feet to make his man give the ball up. Shows very good lateral quickness and the ability to hawk the ball. Possesses enough strength to defend his man in the post as well. Always gets a hand up on jump shooters. Displays great timing and anticipation when shooting into passing lanes for deflections. Will look to block shots when he sees his teammates get beat. Rebounds at a high rate. Excellent across the board.

Andrew Bynum

Overview: An extremely young center who has started to realize the potential that made him a lottery pick. Really tall, really long, and still very raw. Has an incredible frame that will put on as much weight as needed. Moves extremely well for a center, and has impressive leaping ability. Very agile and coordinated. Has great hands for a player his size. Good fit in Phil Jackson’s offense. One of the most efficient players in the league if his shortened performance in 2008 is any indication. Doesn’t have a lot of post moves, but scores by working off the ball and going at the rim aggressively. Has received tutelage from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which expedited the development of his post moves. Doesn’t show much of a jumper, but won’t ever be asked to play off the block. Rebounds the ball extremely well on both ends. Has become more adept as a help side defender, but still needs some experience to reach his potential defensively. Has a reputation for not always bringing great energy to the floor. Not the same player he was as a rookie out of St. Joseph HS. Has the chance to be something special, and his development would have been one of the major stories of the 2008 season, until a knee injury sidelined him for most of the year. Still shockingly young, and thus is nowhere near a finished product. Has all-star potential and then some.

Offense: A developing offensive center who can get by on effort, athleticism, and vastly improved awareness at this point. Gets most of his offensive from post ups, off of cuts, and from offensive rebounds. Will make some plays running the pick and roll as well. Catches everything thrown to him around the rim. Doesn’t show much of a jump shot. Establishes deep position in the post thanks to his excellent frame. Pretty effective over both shoulders in the post. Developing a nice left hand. Shows much better touch than he did early in his career. Needs to improve his footwork and not settle for tough shots when he’s unable to get deep enough inside. Not bad at putting the ball on the floor once or twice. Extremely nimble and agile. Will pull off some devastating moves at times. Not very turnover prone all things considered. Great offensive rebounder. Length and agility make him a force here. Very good at moving to the open spot by the rim and catching alley oop passes for easy buckets. Gets a lot of dunks by virtue of his teammates. Sets solid screens, and rolls to the rim looking to finish. Becoming an effective offensive player, but is still only scratching the surface of what he can be.

Defense: A difference maker on the defensive end due to his ability to alter shots in the paint. Has the lateral quickness and leaping ability to be a very good shot blocker, but has the potential to be great. Will step out and hedge the pick and roll when he has to. Length and agility allows him to contest everything. A bit foul prone around the rim, but that’s to be expected from a center his age. Improving there at a rapid pace. Displays outstanding rebounding ability, and can go outside of his area to clean the glass. Has the potential to be a force as he continues to gain experience. Needs to learn to go straight up and develop the anticipation and awareness to maximize his incredible physical assets. Understanding of team defensive concepts is not very developed at this point. Lives off his instincts a little too much. Still very young here.

Joe Crawford

Derek Fisher

Overview: A veteran lefty point guard who has transitioned back into a role player after spending a few years as strictly a shooting specialist. Personality and effort level makes him a crowd favorite. Doesn’t have amazing athleticism, but has solid quickness for a player his age. Very strong for a point guard. Shoots the ball extremely consistently with deep range. Deadly from three and from the stripe. A good passer, but isn’t asked to be a stereotypical point guard in the Triangle offense, with Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant also being able to bring the ball the floor. Plays remarkably solid defense, and always gives everything he has on that end. Took some time to become the player he is today after spending four years at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Displays a very good work ethic. Provides a great locker room presence, and is a great leader. Does a lot of good things off the floor. Gives back to the community.

Offense: A great shooter who does a good job running the point and moving the ball in the flow of the triangle offense. Gets most of his touches as a spot up shooter, but is also capable of pushing the break and running the pick and roll. Very efficient. Great catch and shoot player, one of the league’s best. Very impressive shooting stroke. Displays great elevation, range, and arc. Equally consistent shooter off the dribble. Very good from mid-range. Good ball handler, but doesn’t get all the way inside the paint all that often. Not a good finisher at all once there. Tremendous foul shooter. Gets to the line at an average clip. Very smart player. Doesn’t get his teammates open, but will move the ball well. Not turnover prone. Brings a veteran presence to an offense. Very clutch. Great asset due to his efficiency, experience and perimeter shooting ability.

Defense: One of his team’s best defenders due to his mix of experience, effort, and smarts. Isn’t the biggest or quickest player, but displays solid lateral quickness. Hawks the ball extremely well despite not being as fast as many of the players he defends. Very quick hands. Will strip the ball when his man exposes it. Will capitalize on inexperienced players. Does a tremendous job rotating to stop drives and recovering when the ball is skipped. Great at stepping in and taking charges. Competes on every possession, making him a very formidable defensive matchup.

Pau Gasol

Overview:One of the most versatile scoring big men in the NBA. Extremely efficient player who can score with his back to the basket, put the ball on the floor from the high post, play pick and roll, or step out and knock down a mid-range jump-shot. Has great size at 7-feet with a decent frame, good length and solid athletic ability. A solid rebounder and shot-blocker, although his overall defense probably can’t be described as anything more than average. Rookie of the year in 2002. Won a World Championship with Spain in 2006, although was injured for the final game. One of the top international players in NBA history, even if he’s still young. A huge talent with outstanding physical gifts and versatile skills, but never quite as good as some people expected, possibly due to a lack of mental and physical toughness. Got his wish to be traded in 2008 when he was practically given away by bottom-feeding Memphis to the LA Lakers, and helped them reach the NBA Finals—where he looked much more comfortable playing second banana to Kobe Bryant, and really flourished.

Offense: The Lakers used Gasol as their primary low-post threat, where he utilizes his terrific touch to knock down jump-hooks with either hand, show excellent footwork on his drop-step move, beat guys off the dribble facing up from the mid-post, or even get flashy with a pretty running hook shot. He has a quick first step, and is very fluid and agile, allowing him to read defenses and react to what his defender throws at him and improvise intelligently. He is also excellent at cutting off the ball and rolling to the basket on the pick and roll, where his terrific hands, agility and ability to finish at the rim (where he ranks as one of the best in the NBA) make him a real asset. Gasol gets to the free throw line at a high rate, and converts a sparkling 80% of his attempts once there. He is also an excellent passer, amongst the best bigs in the league in assists. He can also step out and knock mid-range jumpers at a solid rate, and is particularly effective from 14-18 feet. If needed, he can even hit an international range 3-pointer.

Defense: Gasol has terrific tools to get the job done on this end of the floor, as he has great size, length and agility—allowing him to cover either the 4 or the 5 spots with varying degrees of success at the NBA level. He is quick enough to hedge screens on the perimeter and shows very good lateral quickness for a 7-footer. His length is a big asset in terms of contesting shots, and he is capable of playing fairly solid on-ball defense when he puts his mind to it. Gasol lacks the bulk to defend some of the heavier back to the basket matchups he’ll encounter at times, giving up position in the low post and getting outmuscled. He lacks a degree of intensity and hustle closing out shooters and is not the fiery type who will throw his body in harm’s way. He can block shots at a decent rate and is also a solid rebounder, although he’s not what you could call a beast in either category. Considering his excellent physical attributes and feel for the game, Gasol is still a very useful player to have on this end of the floor, although he could probably be even better.

Coby Karl

D.J. Mbenga

Overview:7-footer from the Republic of Congo with a superb physical profile. Incredibly long arms, chiseled frame and excellent athleticism. Started playing basketball very late, after receiving political asylum in Belgium. Was spotted by the Dallas Mavericks at the Reebok Eurocamp in Treviso and eventually signed. Mostly a project player in his first few seasons in the NBA with Dallas, but began to see rotation minutes this year after signing with the Lakers as a free agent. Primarily known for his shot-blocking ability, Mbenga is largely a 3rd string center who can provide energy and athleticism off the bench in addition to six fouls. He’s a black belt in Judo and speaks five languages.

Offense: Not a skilled player by any stretch of the imagination. Will always be his team’s 5th option offensively. Can run the floor extremely well, set massive screens, and finish around the basket. Hands are solid, and incredible size, length and explosiveness gives him terrific extension around the basket. Will make an open 12-foot jumper from time to time—has expanded this part of his game considerably. Will blow the open layup occasionally, as his coordination/reflexes offensively are just average, but still seems to be progressing slowly but surely. Has no footwork or post-moves inside, and no left-hand, making him completely reliant on others to create offense for him. Understanding of the game is nothing to write home about, but he’s gotten much better.

Defense: Can make a huge impact, thanks to his outstanding physical tools alone. Size, strength and gigantic wingspan make him an imposing hurdle inside. Works hard and really competes on this end of the floor. Can play an enforcer type role on the floor, dishing out pain Has solid timing going after blocked shots, and finds a good deal of success as an intimidator. Recovery speed rotating from the weakside is tremendous. Not quite as good when forced to guard on the perimeter. Quick enough to hedge screens, but awareness of team defense leaves something to be desired. Was incredibly foul prone earlier on his career, has managed to cut down on his blind hacks and biting for pump-fakes, but still runs into problems here at times. All in all not a bad guy to bring off the bench.

Chris Mihm

Overview: A relatively skilled center who has suffered some serious injury problems over the past few years. Possesses good height, but has just an average frame. Has above average mobility for a center, but isn’t extremely explosive. Brings some nice things to the table offensively. Shoots the ball well with decent range, and has a nice post repertoire. Decent rebounder for his height. A little bit too aggressive defensively. Commits too many fouls for a player with his level of experience. Hasn’t been consistent throughout his career, partially due to injuries, and partially due to a certain lack of toughness. Didn’t play at all in 06/07, because of ankle and foot problems. Developed significantly and became an impact player at Texas. Named a first team All-American as a junior before declaring for the draft. Has never lived up to the lofty expectations set for him as the 7th overall pick. If healthy, may still be a serviceable big man for someone.

Offense: A solid offensive player who has seen his potential depleted by injuries. Gets almost half of his offense in the post, but will also make some hustle plays on the offensive glass and moving off the ball. Solid shooting stroke, but could become much more consistent from mid-range still. Won’t do a lot of dribbling. Nice hands and very good touch around the basket. Can catch and finish and is solid on the pick and roll. A bit too predictable in the post. Turns over his left shoulder almost exclusively. Could definitely stand to work on his left hand. Struggles to establish position deep in the post due to his just-average strength. More of a finesse player. Not terribly tough or explosive around the rim. Needs to work on use fakes to finish without space. Average foul shooter. Very good at running the pick and roll. Nice skill set for a center, but still needs polish.

Defense: Tries to play defense, but is very foul prone. Not going to help his team out a great deal on this end. Takes himself out of games by hacking shooters at the rim. Makes some plays as a shot blocker, but needs to learn to go straight up and be more selective. Will get pushed around by strong offensive players from time to time. This is especially true when he is rebounding. Makes an effort to box out, but isn’t quite strong enough to maintain position. Does a good job defending the pick and roll for a big man.

Ira Newble

Overview: A backup forward who is better known for his defense than for any other aspect of his game. Isn’t the type of player that makes a big impact on a game with his athleticism, but is able to do some nice things with his hustle. Put together a good year his last season at Miami of Ohio. Was considered an undersized power forward back then. Could use his athleticism to score better back then. Played in a number of different foreign and domestic leagues early after going undrafted in 1997. Has never played up to his contract in Cleveland, and very well may be out of the league at this point.

Offense: Gets almost fifty percent of his offensive touches off of spot ups. Gets another twenty percent from offensive rebounds. Has a decent, but largely inconsistent jump shot. Can hit from the outside, but needs time and space. Doesn’t shoot the same shot every time. Needs to improve his footwork and his release point to get better in that regard. Loves to drive right, but doesn’t score efficiently when he does. Isn’t a good shooter off the dribble. Not a good ball handler. Can’t create his own shot. Works hard off the ball. Runs the floor hard on most possessions. Gets on the offensive glass. Can shoot well from the line, but is very streaky. Doesn’t handle the ball very well and can’t create his own shot. Isn’t much of a passer either.

Defense: Is a prototypical effort defender. Moves his feet well on the defensive end. Will follow his man all over the floor. Refuses to give up easy dribble penetration. Always sprints back on the defensive end. Has a hard time defending players with post skills and wings with elite foot speed. Tends to use his hands to deny penetration when he knows he’s beat. Will rebound when he has to.

Lamar Odom

Overview: One of the League’s most talented and versatile forwards. Doesn’t always play up to his potential. Can play a number of different positions, but has largely become a power forward at this point. Has developed his frame and has excellent length. Athletic, but not quite to the point that it helps define his game. Shows a very good first step. More fluid and skilled than explosive. Possesses a smooth left handed stroke with NBA range. Doesn’t always shoot a consistent percentage from deep. Capable of bringing the ball up the floor and playing a point forward role. Handles the ball as well as most point guards. Uses his size as an advantage when distributing the ball. Shows decent post skills, and can play down low when asked to. Shows good hustle on the defensive end, and does a great job boxing out. Very good fit for the triangle offense. Intended to play his college ball at UNLV, but had his scholarship withdrawn after numerous scandals surrounding the program surfaced. Needed only a single season at Rhode Island to push his stock to the top of the lottery. Has had a handful of setbacks in his career, especially in the form of injuries. Used to have some problems with drugs, but is past that at this point. Had a rough childhood, and has suffered numerous personal losses throughout his playing career. Definitely maturing as a person as his career goes on. Maturation shows on the court as well. Could stand to become more consistent, but is the type of team player that brings a different dimension to the game when on the floor. Has a tendency to fade in and out of games mentally at times and get very passive—tough to know what you’re going to get night in and night out, but also very tough to argue with his incredible talent.

Offense: A very versatile player who gets offense from spot ups, fast breaks, isolations, post ups, offensive boards, and by moving without the ball. Can play virtually every position on the offensive end due to his vast array of skills. Possesses a smooth lefty jumper with inconsistent range out past the three point line. Decent catch and shoot player. Average shooter off the dribble. Great ball handler. A real mismatch facing the basket and taking power forwards off the dribble, especially in the early offense. Tremendous court vision and passing ability. Likes to get to the rim when driving left, much better here than going right. Solid finisher around the rim. Good transition player. Can score in the post, especially on the left block. Very capable distributor and high post player. Brings a lot to the table due to his ability to create matchup problems in almost every scenario. Decision making isn’t always the best.

Defense: A very talented defender who can matchup with a few different positions. Can guard both forward spots effectively, but is also able to defend most guards when he gets switched onto them. Will block some shots around the rim, play passing lanes, and make an effort to collect loose balls. Length helps him stay in front of his man and create turnovers. Will box out and grab a lot of rebounds—which is one of his strong points. Very capable on the defensive end. Plays more aggressive defense than offense. Commits quite a few fouls.

Vladimir Radmanovic

Overview: A shooting specialist who is devastating who left open in the corner. Native of Serbia. Very tall for a small forward. Has a good frame, but isn’t very toned. Agile, moves pretty well for a player his size, and is a talented all-around player. Makes a living by knocking down open shots from the perimeter. Over half his attempts from the field come from there. Very sound shooting form featuring great touch to outside of the three point line. Not a great ball handler, but can put the ball on the floor if he has to. Won’t make any real effort to crash the board on either end. Not able or willing to defend at the level that his coaching staff needs him to. A big time talent who doesn’t always show the wherewithal to live up to his potential. Body language, attitude can be questionable at times.

Offense: Gets most of his shots as a spot up shooter, but will also float to the perimeter in transition and move without the ball if he sees an opportunity to get an easy basket. Tremendously consistent shooting stroke. Makes a killing from the right corner. One of the best catch and shoot players in the game. Solid shooter off the dribble, but most players can force him to give the ball up if he puts it on the floor. Always gets his feet set and readies himself to receive the ball. Good footwork when spotting up. Won’t make an effort to pursue offensive rebounds. Good passer, but will turn the ball over when he over-dribbles when looking for space. Almost never gets to the free throw line. Solid foul shooter once there. Not very explosive vertically, and doesn’t go up strong at the rim. Little bit soft in general. Has nothing even resembling a post game. Fills his role well, but has the potential to be a more complete player.

Defense: A mediocre defender who doesn’t have the physical tools to get by at his effort level. Doesn’t do a good job containing penetration or contesting shots. Will take risks, but does manage to create some turnovers. Won’t block many shots despite his size. Very poor rebounder for his position. Needs to give a better effort to be more effective. Commits a lot of fouls given his style of play, but most of them are at the rim, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Sasha Vujacic

Overview: A talented swingman who is a great compliment to Kobe Bryant due to his shooting ability and strong perimeter defense. Really delivers productive minutes off the bench. Fiery guy who has become somewhat of a crowd favorite. Native of Slovenia. Good size to play any of the perimeter spots in the Triangle offense. Still on the skinny side. Definitely not an elite athlete, but is able to get by on his mixture of hustle, intelligence, and solid explosiveness. Can shoot the ball incredibly effectively from three point range, but has become more adept at scoring from other spots in the triangle offense. Lights out from the stripe. Solid dribbling abilities. Doesn’t commit many turnovers, which is a plus for a player that can put in minutes at either guard spot. Nice feel for the game. Plays very solid defensive at his position. Nice complimentary player at this point. Has really found a niche in the Lakers’ offense, and got paid accordingly. Made a huge and somewhat surprising step up in his contract year, and will need to justify that now moving forward.

Offense: A talented swingman who plays a very efficient offensive game. Gets most of his shots off of spot ups, but will also push the ball in transition and run off of screens to get open. Over 55% of his field goal attempts come from behind the arc. Another 15% or so come from mid-range. Displays a smooth shooting stroke. Will knock down his open threes. One of the best in the league on the catch and shoot. Very solid shooter off the dribble as well. Pretty good finisher at the rim. Very opportunistic. Good ball handler. Takes very good care of the ball. Doesn’t telegraph passes. Always looks to get his teammates involved. Ideal complimentary player, since he knows his role and sticks to it. Isn’t going to break down the defense and kick the ball out. Will make smart decisions on the perimeter and swing the ball to the open man. Once known as more of a combo guard coming into the league, but developed into almost strictly an off-ball player. Rarely gets all the way to the basket. Doesn’t get to the line much.

Defense: A solid defender who makes an effort, but isn’t the type of athlete that can shut down an opponent, and suffers from a very poor wingspan (6-5 1/2). Has the size (6-6 ¾ in shoes), smarts and intensity to do a good job for the most part, though. Moves his feet well enough to stay in front of most players. Does a good job making ball handlers change direction despite his lack of ideal lateral quickness. Will get beaten by stronger players when they can get a step on him, but will try his best to recover. Has trouble fighting through screens at times. Very intense defender who really tries to get in his opponent’s face. Capable rebounder for his position. Does the little things that allow him to maximize his tools.

Luke Walton

Overview: A smart, role-playing combo forward who is smarter than he is athletic. Unique player with an abnormal skill-set. Excellent size for the small forward position, and will see some minutes at times at the power forward spot. Not very explosive or quick. Very high basketball IQ. Gets by on his feel for the game and passing skills, but has developed some offensive game as well. Very good moving off the ball, posting up, and finding garbage baskets. More comfortable as a facilitator than as a shooter or scorer. Great court vision, anticipation, and decision making abilities. Average rebounder for his size. Capable of creating turnovers due to his ability to read and react. Had a well decorated career at Arizona under Lute Olsen. Can’t underestimate his ability to be in the right place at the right time. Could be a nice weapon if his jumper improves to match his innate feel for the game. Son of the NBA great Bill Walton.

Offense: Gets about one third of his offense as a spot up shooter. Hasn’t improved that part of his game enough since entering the League. Below average in catch and shoot situations and particularly off the dribble. Can make a 3-pointer if he has significant time and space to get it off. Does a good job in post up situations and will make some plays by moving off the ball as well. Decent finisher at the rim. Displays very good touch at the basket. Tremendous feel on the offensive end. Gets recognition for setting up his teammates with incredibly creative passes. Makes plays with his head. Shows great court vision. Knows how to be in the right place at the right time. Average ball-handler, doesn’t get to the free throw line at a great rate. Needs to improve his free throw shooting.

Defense: An average defender who will make a few plays by virtue of his basketball IQ, but isn’t athletic enough to match up with most players at this position on a regular basis. Has a poor wingspan relative to his height (6-9 in shoes) at just 6-8 ½. Will strip shooters and make plays on the ball by anticipating and reacting. Doesn’t always have the lateral quickness to keep up with more athletic small forwards. Competes, but can get overpowered by many power forwards. Does a solid job using his body to deny penetration, but won’t always get the job done. Will box out and grab rebounds, but won’t grab many out of his area.

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