NBA Scouting Reports, Central Division (Part Two)

NBA Scouting Reports, Central Division (Part Two)
Apr 29, 2008, 01:32 am
Part One- Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit

Indiana Pacers

Marquis Daniels

Overview: A versatile young wing who may never reach the potential he displayed in his fantastic rookie season as an undrafted free agent. Has everything you look for in an NBA wing physically: height, strength, and foot speed. As smooth as they come. Possesses the skills and quickness to cover some point guards. Explosive enough take his man off the dribble and finish above the rim. Does a little bit of everything. Struggles with his perimeter jumper. Can hawk the ball much better than most players his size. Made a name for himself at Auburn with his defensive production. Garnered All-Rookie second team honors in 2004 despite going undrafted. Still has some room to grow as a player, but is already a good asset due to his ability to play multiple positions. Off-court problems have given him more attention than on-court play.

Offense: Gets about a fifth of his offensive from each of fast break opportunities, pick and rolls, and spot ups. Shows solid one-on-one skills as well. Decent jump shot. Doesn’t show ideal follow through. Won’t hit many three pointers, but he’ll take them when he is open. Takes some questionable shots with a hand in his face. Shows decent footwork, but could stand to work on his fundamentals in that regard. Won’t always set his feet consistently. Good ball handler. Can play a bit of point guard. Not a great scorer off the dribble, but can create for teammates. Likes to pull up for jumpers when he drives right. Will work hard off the ball. Does the little things. Pretty good finisher at the basket. Will play above the rim when he has space. Mediocre foul shooter. Valuable as a passer and scorer, but not a standout in either.

Defense: The Pacers most versatile perimeter defender. Can defend all three backcourt positions. More effective against the two guard positions than small forwards. Shows great intensity and effort on the defensive end. Displays tremendous lateral quickness and fast hands. Plays physically, but doesn’t foul. Very intelligent in that way. Does a good job reading passers off the ball and jumping in front of telegraphed passes. Doesn’t do a whole lot of rebounding. Very sound on the defensive end.

Travis Diener

Overview: A steady backup floor general who can knock down shots from the perimeter and get his teammates involved. Lacks ideal physical assets, and isn’t tall enough to compensate for his lack of bulk. Isn’t terribly fast, quick, or explosive, but does everything crisply. Shoots the ball well and runs the point efficiently. Had had a tremendous career at Marquette. Turned great collegiate point guard play and great shooting into an NBA contract. Despite his lack of minutes, he is a great third point guard.

Offense: Gets almost half of his offense off of pick and rolls, with the rest of his opportunities coming from fast breaks and spot ups. Does what he’s good at and nothing more. Won’t force anything. Pretty shooting stroke with good range. Will knock down his spot up jumpers from beyond the arc and from the midrange. Isn’t aggressive off the dribble. Looks to move the ball rather attack. Great passer and steady ball handler. Not flashy, but efficient. Limited by his athleticism as a finisher, but isn’t going to try and make a play at the rim unless he feels he has space. Lights out from the foul line. High basketball IQ. Knows how to create passing angles. Runs the pick and roll effectively with easy.

Defense: A defensive liability in many situations due to his lack of athleticism. Doesn’t have the quickness to stay in from of quicker guards or the strength to defend the post. Won’t create a lot of turnovers. Will scrap for loose balls. Not a very good rebounder. Has a hard time closing out shooters and bothering players that pull up over him. Will give his best effort hawking the ball up and down the floor, but doesn’t have the physical assets to capitalize on his great attitude. Can match up very well with similarly gifted players.

Ike Diogu

Overview: A developing power forward who has imposing strength, but has had a hard time earning consistent minutes. Lacks ideal height for a power forward, but has a 7-3.5 wingspan to compensate. Doesn’t have great speed, but is passably explosive. Extremely strong down low, and knows how to throw his weight around. Rebounds the ball well. Can score very efficiently when he gets position. Was dominant during his time at Arizona State, but hasn’t had an easy transition to the NBA, mainly due to his defensive shortcomings. Per-40 numbers are always off the charts. Commits too many fouls due to his lack of foot speed. Needs to cut down on his mistakes to play more minutes.

Offense: Gets about a quarter of his offense off of post ups with the rest of his offense coming from his effort off the ball. Won’t take a lot of jumpers, but can hit from the midrange. Shoots the ball with his elbow out to the side and brings it up from his hip. Decent foul shooter. Won’t put the ball on the floor to get by his man. Shows some decent post moves. Has the strength to create space to get the ball at the rim. Has a tough time against taller players who won’t let him gain position. Will use fakes to get his man into the air after he uses his dribble. Draws a lot of contact. Makes some mistakes as a passer. Runs the floor hard when he sees an opportunity to get an easy basket. Tremendous offensive rebounder. Finishers a lot of second chance opportunities. Still has a lot of room to grow as a player.

Defense: May be strong enough to be a good defender, but absolutely has to cut down on his fouls. Has stunted his development by being too aggressive on the defensive end. Needs to learn to stay on his feet and not go after fakes. Displays the strength and foot speed to be a passable defender, but makes too many mistakes. Does a good job of cleaning the glass. Can throw his weight around, but needs to be more disciplined when his man has the ball.

Mike Dunleavy

Overview: A heady small forward who has started to show how good he can be in the right setting. Has great size for the perimeter. Doesn’t have great physical strength. Possesses below average athleticism for his position. Doesn’t compensate with toughness. Shows a great feel for the game. Can work on and off the ball offensively. Able to initiate the offense. Shoots the ball well from the perimeter. Developed good fundamentals at Duke, where he was part of the team that won the NCAA Championship in 2001. Needed a few seasons to come around in the NBA. One of the most fundamentally sound players in the game today. Son of Los Angeles Clippers Head Coach Mike Dunleavy.

Offense: A crafty, versatile offensive player who has really come into his own. Has a high basketball IQ and supreme size at his position. Gets one quarter of his offense as a spot up shooter and another quarter in transition. Does most of his damage as a jump shooter. Has a very fundamental stroke and shows great footwork out on the perimeter. Great catch and shoot player. Very good from beyond the arc. Shows great consistency off the dribble. Likes to pull up when driving right. Not a very good finisher at the rim. Lacks the strength to lay the ball in with contact. Gets to the line at a decent rate. Shoots a very respectable percentage. Great ball handler and passer for his size. Will drive and dish periodically. Will get a little bit too aggressive with his dribble sometimes. Isn’t strong enough to recover the ball when he loses it. Very nice offensive option.

Defense: A heady defensive player who doesn’t have the physical assets to be a standout, but is big and smart enough to get by. Displays good help side fundamentals. Reads ball handlers extremely well when he is playing off the ball. Will make an effort to use his length to deny penetration, but he is susceptible to both quicker and stronger players. Won’t leak out in transition. Does his best to help with rebounding duties. Very disciplined defender. Not dynamic, but won’t make many mistakes either.

Jeff Foster

Overview: A veteran center who is a productive hustle player down low. Has good size and strength by NBA standards. Gets off the floor pretty well. Shows relatively good mobility for a player his size, but that is primarily the result of his effort level. A classic glue guy. Rebounds the ball extremely well. Plays active defense. Collects garbage point underneath. Doesn’t have great offensive skills, but outworks his man to score. Averaged a double-double during his final two seasons at Southwest Texas State. Won’t wow anyone in a workout, but does the little things.

Offense: Classic hustle player in the post. Gets most of his touches off of offensive rebounds, cuts, and pick and rolls. Will get spot up chances from time to time. Shows a consistent midrange stroke. Doesn’t get a lot of elevation, but shoots the ball with a lot of arch. Won’t shoot outside of his range. Decent finisher at the rim. Not great with his left hand. Isn’t going to put the ball on the floor. Moves very well off the ball. Great offensive rebounder. Sets good screens. Runs the floor hard. Provides a nice compliment to Jermaine O’Neal.

Defense: A terrific defender who really gives a great effort to shut his man down. Does a good job deny post entry passes and jumping into position when the ball is entered. Can step out and guard most centers that float out to the midrange. Shows nice lateral quickness for his position. Will slide over and help out when his teammates get beat off the dribble, but isn’t a threat to reject many shots. Goes straight up rather than attempting to challenge players at the rim. Tremendous rebounder. Boxes out on every possession. Gets minutes because he is a defensive workhorse.

Stephen Graham

Overview: A solid swingman who has good physical tools and has developed a serviceable perimeter repertoire. Possesses good size and a tremendous physique for his position. Shows very good speed and explosiveness. Has developed some nice offensive skills, but hasn’t translated them to the NBA. Showed nice versatility in the NBADL, putting up good numbers across the board. Does a lot of things well, but nothing good enough to see minutes in the NBA. Never saw a lot of minutes at Oklahoma State until late in his career. Has shown that he has skills despite not seeing the floor very often. Needs a chance to show what he can do, and may look for one this summer. Twin brother Joey currently plays for the Raptors.

Offense: Provides some nice versatility off the bench. Handles the ball well, displays good court vision, and can knock down open jumpers. Has an effective compact stroke. Isn’t terribly consistent or assertive from the outside. Looks to pass rather than shoot, something that isn’t ideal in an NBA swingman. Moves very well without the ball. Rebounds well due to his strength. Pretty good finisher at the rim for the same reason. Needs to be aggressive and show what he can do when he gets the chance.

Defense: A very solid defender who doesn’t take very many risks. Has all the makings of a good defender in terms of athleticism, quickness, and strength. Shows good discipline as well. Needs more playing time to improve his awareness. Able to deflect passes due to his explosiveness and length. Won’t get many strips or block many shots. Not aggressive, but sound across the board. Good rebounder.

Danny Granger

Overview: A good second option at either forward spot who has been one of Indiana’s best players since he was drafted. Has great size for the perimeter. Shows good strength and explosiveness as well. Very versatile. Can play a little bit of power forward. Does it all on the floor. Can shoot from the outside, or use his size and touch in close. Cleans the glass on both ends. Shows good versatility and effort on the defensive end. Was an impact player as a junior and senior at New Mexico after spending the beginning of his collegiate career at Bradley. Decision to remain in school for his senior year may have helped him translate his game to the NBA as seamlessly as he did. Plays smart, which makes him a valuable asset to any team. Very high character player with an outstanding work ethic.

Offense: Gets one third of his offense in spot up opportunities where he can make a play. Gets a significant number of touches in transition as well. Very consistent shooting stroke. Capable of hitting off balance shots with a hand in his face. Shoots a very good percentage from three point range. Good shooter off the dribble as well. Prefers to get to the rim though. Handles the ball reasonably well for a player his size. Solid passer as well. Will makes some bad passes sometimes. Hard to stop in one-on-one situations. Good offensive rebounder. Gets to the line at a very high rate and shoots an impressive percentage. Needs to work on finishing at the rim with contact since he draws so much of it. Very versatile and talented player.

Defense: A solid defender who can defend both forward spots rather effectively. Has the quickness to step out and defend most small forwards on the perimeter, but has trouble against players with elite foot speed. Can also mix it up underneath and hold his own against stronger players on the block. Shows good lateral footwork. Contests shots when he can. Does a good job of always getting a hand up. Will block some shots because of that. Scrappy when he can get a hand on the ball. Commits some unnecessary fouls when he has to defend the post, but since he isn’t always asked to do that it isn’t a problem. Rebounds at a good rate, and elevates to meet the ball in the air rather than staying on the floor and waiting for it to come to him.

David Harrison

Overview: A burly center with enough physical tools to be a decent backup on the NBA level. Has great size and bulk for an NBA center. Stills moves pretty well, but isn’t terribly explosive. Possesses the tools necessary to be a solid pro, but doesn’t always put them together. Shows some serviceably moves offensively, and knows how to use his weight. Blocks some shots due to his length. Was a highly touted recruit out of high school, and made an impact during his time at Colorado. Has had some issues off the court which may dictate his future, mainly with life-style choices. Effort has been questioned. Needs to show a commitment to improving his game and losing some weight if he wants to reach his peak as a player. Could find a better opportunity in free agency.

Offense: Gets the vast majority of his touches one-on-one in the post. Will find other opportunities by being active off the ball. Won’t take many jumpers. Shows a decent hook shot. Can finish with both hands. Raw post skills. Likes to turn right when he’s on the left block. Goes to the line at a good rate. Shoots an awful percentage. Good offensive rebounder. Gets quite a few putbacks. Shows a willingness to set good screens and move without the ball. Can’t put the ball on the floor. Rather turnover prone.

Defense: Does a good job defending the post due to his size. Will have a tough time defending quicker centers, but can match up against most players he is asked to guard. Does a good job rebounding his area, but has a hard time adjusting to offensive players crashing the glass. One of most foul prone players in the League. Doesn’t show good discipline. Needs to learn to go straight up. Could stand to lose some weight to improve his lateral quickness.

Troy Murphy

Overview: A skilled power forward who can make a killing as complimentary player to a good post scorer. Has good size and frame for the power forward position. Move pretty well, but isn’t very fast or explosive. Knows how to use his body on both ends. Shoots the ball with range. Great touch for a big man. Solid ball handler. Smart with the ball in his hands. Does a good job of boxing out defensively. Was a dominant rebounder and scorer at Notre Dame. Two time Big East Conference Player of the Year. First team All-American in final two college seasons. Turned the corner in his second season in the NBA. Creates some matchup problems due to his shooting skills. A great asset when Jermaine O’Neal is scoring well. Grossly overpaid.

Offense: Gets almost half of his offense as a spot up shooter. Displays tremendous range on his jumper. Very fluid shooting stroke for a player his size. Possesses three point range. Shoots a solid percentage from downtown. Good ball handler for his height. Scores effective off the dribble. Can pull up from in close or finish at the rim with consistency. Not very effective from the midrange. Very good in transition. Great trailer. Doesn’t post up very often. Good offensive rebounder. Goes to the line at a decent rate. Shoots a good percentage. Nice complimentary post player.

Defense: A passable defensive player who tends to focus on rebounding above other areas. Rebounds his area well, but isn’t athletic enough to clean the glass outside of his immediate vicinity. Has a hard time keeping up with quicker and more explosive power forwards. Has adequate lateral quickness, but can get beaten off the dribble. Shows good discipline defending the post. Won’t block many shots, but will go straight up on shooters when he can.

Ronald “Flip” Murray

Overview: A scoring guard who can make an impact when given the opportunity to dominate the ball. Not going to overwhelm anyone with his size or strength. Displays good quickness and jumping ability. Makes a living off of his great offensive instincts. Plays very aggressively on that end of the floor. Doesn’t always bring the same intensity to the defense end. A great role player due to his offensive ability, but doesn’t make his teammates better. Rodney Stuckey’s emergence made him expandable, and was therefore cut from Detroit.

Offense: A talented offensive player who can be highly effective when he has the green light. Solid overall offensive skill set. Gets most of his shots off of isolations, pick and rolls, fast breaks, and spot ups. Very solid shooting stroke. Shot selection on the other hand is questionable. Not efficient, but can put points on the board over the course of a game. Takes too many threes given his below average results from deep. Doesn’t shoot a good percentage from the foul line either. Pretty good finisher. Tends to shoot more off the dribble than off the catch. Good at creating space, but will take shots without it too often. Good ball handler. Nice cross over. Quick enough to get to the basket. Will take quite a few shots from the paint each game. Good slasher. Volume shooter. A bit turnover prone compared to the rest of the Pistons’ role players.

Defense: Solid perimeter defender when he wants to be. Gets really aggressive and shows a good stance when he gets serious. Can guard both guards spots pretty well. Much better at covering shooting guards. Quick enough and strong enough to make it tough for players to get by him. Goes after deflections in passing lanes. Likes to get up the floor rather than stay back and rebound. Not afraid to initiate contact.

Jermaine O’Neal

Overview: One of the League’s premier post players, despite the struggles he experienced early in his career after declaring for the draft out of high school. Supremely athletic and mobile for a near 7-footer, although he’s lost part of that recently due to physical problems. Filled out his frame over time. Very injury prone. Developed some nice post moves as soon as he came to Indiana. Shoots the ball well from the midrange. Finishes at the rim with strength and explosiveness. Plays good help side defense. Contests shots with regularity. Rebounds well on both ends. Had promise, but struggled to earn playing time after leaving Eau Claire High School. Never got the opportunity he needed with the Portland Trailblazers. Made an impact immediately for the Pacers. Won the Most Improved Player Award in 2002. Six time All-Star. Has a huge contract that he hasn’t been able to justify due to his injury problems.

Offense: A great post player who has had a hard time putting up numbers like he used to. Gets more than half of his offense in the post. Will receive some drive and dish passes as a spot up shooter too. Great shooting stroke for a player his size. Doesn’t have three point range, but comes pretty close. Has a very high release. Likes to post up on the right block and turn over his right shoulder to his fadeaway jumper. Consistent turnaround. Hasn’t been playing very efficiently on the offensive end. Shooting percentages are low. Average passer. Will make some mistakes with the ball. Gets to the line at a high rate and shoots a decent percentage. Not getting nearly as many touches as he used to. Plays more efficiently when he gets the ball more often.

Defense: One of the League’s best shot blockers due to his length and athleticism. Blocks quite a few shots when defending his man one-on-one. Will rotate over from the weak side to make plays as well. Can step out and defend midrange shooters. Still commits some fouls by being too aggressive, but he’s not the liability that he was early in his career. Great rebounder, although his production here fell off dramatically in 07/08. Will always make an effort to get a hand up. Plays good defense for a player that historically has to carry the load on the offensive end.

Andre Owens

Overview: A slightly undersized shooting guard who used a fine season in the NBADL to earn an NBA contract. Lacks ideal height for a wing, but has good size for the point, where he plays from time to time. Shows good quickness and burst, but isn’t an explosive leaper. Handles the ball well. Capable of knocking down shots from the perimeter. A sound hustle player more than anything else. Didn’t have a terribly distinguished career at Houston, but was a good player after transferring from Indiana. Not a true point guard, but can moonlight at the position. An extremely hard worker. Always gives his all. May have to prove himself again as a free agent this offseason.

Offense: Gets about half of his offense from spot ups and fast breaks. Very good catch and shoot player. Will knock down three pointers with impressive consistency. Not very effective off the dribble. Won’t finish at the rim at a high rate either. Prefers to drive left. Decent ball handler. Can create for his teammates. Remains a bit turnover prone. Solid offensive rebounder for his position. Gets to the line at a good rate, but only shoots a decent percentage. Doesn’t look to assert himself when he’s in the game. More of a glue guy who knows how to move the ball and score when he has an open opportunity.

Defense: A talented athlete who gives most of his effort on the defensive end. Better at defending the point guard position due to the size advantage he enjoys over most of his matchups. Has the quickness to stay in front of many players. Will close out very hard. Doesn’t give his man a lot of room to breathe. Contests shots, but doesn’t commit many fouls. Great rebounder for his position. Will get on the floor for loose balls. Brings nice intangibles to the defensive end.

Kareem Rush

Overview: A pure shooter who can do some other things on the floor when given an opportunity. Has decent physical tools across the board. Can really heat up from the outside. Doesn’t always get going from the outside, and can be streaky. Won’t create his own shot very often. Not very intense on the defensive end. Put up huge scoring shooting numbers in three seasons at Missouri. Has had his share of issues in the locker room. Doesn’t show an ideal work ethic. Will need to produce to find suitors as a free agent this offseason. Older Brother JaRon never made it in the League. Younger brother Brandon is a junior at Kansas.

Offense: Gets about a third of his offense as a spot up shooter. Will float out the perimeter for shots in transition as well. Good catch and shoot player. Fluid stroke. Adequate ball handler. Not fancy. Tends to drive to the right. Likes to pull up instead of going to the rim. Rather effective off the dribble. Moves pretty well without the ball. Gets some easy baskets at the rim. Not very consistent from the foul line. Won’t create his own shot for the most part. Doesn’t crash the glass. Decent passer. Will turn the ball over from time to time. Can really help his team when if he hits his first shot. Heats up in a hurry.

Defense: Very average defensively. Won’t always get in a good stance. Tends to take some plays off. Will make an athletic play occasionally. Better at covering shorter players than bigger forwards. Will never be asked to guard the best perimeter player on the floor. Could stand to give a better effort on the defensive end to augment his offensive skills.

Jamaal Tinsley

Overview: A talented point guard who does a great job of getting his teammates involved, but has developed into a solid scorer in recent seasons. Has good size and a strong frame for a point guard. Isn’t overly quick, fast, or explosive. Has a deceptive first step. Not very durable. Great ball handler. Sees the floor well. A tremendous distributor. Has a decent jumper, but has hot and cold spells. Tenacious defender. Made an immediate impact at Iowa State after attending Mount San Jacinto CC. Won the Big 12 Player of the Year award as a senior. Has been a starter since his rookie year. Needs to improve his consistency, since he doesn’t always play at the high level he is capable of. Off-court issues have been a distraction for Indiana.

Offense: Gets about a third of his offense running the pick and roll. Gets another fifth of his touches in spot up opportunities. Capable in transition as well. Possesses a decent shooting stroke, but isn’t consistent. Shoots a poor percentage from three point range. More efficient off the dribble. Will pull up off the dribble, but won’t connect at a high rate. Is better at finding lanes to the rim. Good finisher for his position. Gets to the line at a decent rate and shoots a mediocre percentage. Makes a living as a point guard. Great distributor. Will turn the ball over periodically, but is a tremendous ball handler. Rather creative. The same can be said for his passing. Knows how to get his teammates open. Needs to improve his consistency to match his quality point guard skills.

Defense: A very scrappy on the ball defender who shows a lot of toughness. Doesn’t have ideal quickness, but uses his body to deny penetration. Gets in a low stance and shows good defensive footwork. Will hawk the ball the length of the floor. Tends to reach from time to time. Gets his hands on the ball when his man makes the mistake of showing it to him. Displays good tenacity. Uses his size advantage to contest shots. Good rebounder as well.

Shawne Williams

Milwaukee Bucks

Charlie Bell

Overview: An undersized shooting guard who does the little things that coaches love, and is a solid option to bring off the bench. Solid athleticism across the board. Pretty quick, strong, and explosive. Doesn’t have the frame to make his athleticism as pronounced as other players. Brings some nice skills to the table offensively. Serviceable shooter, but capable of getting to the rim as well. Extremely steady ball handler. Isn’t a point guard, but makes good decisions with the ball. Pretty good defender. Wasn’t asked to play point guard at Michigan State. Won an NCAA Championship there in 2000. Got a shot in the NBA out of college, but needed a few seasons overseas to get back into the League. Size wasn’t an issue in Europe as it was for him out of college. Hammered out a lot of things in his game in the three years he had between NBA contracts. Caught on with Milwaukee in 2005 and has been there since. Good locker room presence and a nice option off the bench. Off season distractions revolving around contract situation may have hurt him in 07-08.

Offense: Gets about a quarter of his offense as a spot up shooter, but also makes significant contributions in transition as the ball handler in pick and roll situations. Shows a nice looking shooting stroke, but has had a very hard time maintaining his consistency. Needs more touches to be efficient. Has three point range, but doesn’t shoot a very good percentage from that range. Not the most consistent shooter off the dribble either. Possesses a nice midrange game. Sound ball handler who tends to drive right significantly more frequently than left. Makes good decisions when he gets a step. Runs the pick and roll well, and has the ability to function as a primary ball handler. Won’t hesitate to defer to his teammates. Does a decent job finishing at the rim despite his lack of size and explosiveness, but that is primarily because he knows how to pick his spots and draw contact. Very good free throw shooter. A solid offensive option despite his recent shooting struggles. Improves the flow of the offense.

Defense: A steady defender who doesn’t take a lot of risks. Lacks ideal size for a perimeter defender. Has to use his footspeed and leverage to be effective. Does good job staying in front of his man when he looks to drive, but has tough time defending elite athletes. Capable of defending the point guard position from time to time. Won’t reach, but will get some steals by being scrappy when the ball gets loose. Solid rebounder for his size. Very sound on the defensive end.

Andrew Bogut

Overview: A very good young center with solid skills. Good size and bulk for the center position. Could still stand to get a bit stronger. Fairly mobile with polished footwork, but not incredibly quick or explosive. Doesn’t get off the floor very well. Shows a better feel for the game than physical prowess. Very sound from the inside and outside. Fundamentally sound in almost every aspect of the game. Good coordination for his size. Had a very impressive career at Utah. Garnered MWC Player of the Year Honors as a sophomore before winning the Naismith Player of the Year Award as a junior. Has been solid in Milwaukee since day one, but hasn’t been as valuable as the first round pick the Bucks used on him. Still has the potential to continue to improve, especially with better playmakers around him.

Offense: A talented offensive player who can do a lot of damage around the rim as the Bucks primary post threat. Gets most of his offensive in post up situations, but also works off of cuts and on the offensive glass get touches. Displays tremendous touch around the rim. Capable of finishing over either shoulder, but likes to work over his right. Has all kinds of post moves, but tends to focus mainly on those that will get him room for his hook shot. Doesn’t take many jump shots despite the fact that he displayed an effective jumper before being drafted. Very coordinated for a player his size. Can put the ball on the floor, but only drives left. Great passer. Does a good job working off his teammates in the post, and will get some shots off of block to block screens. Displays a very good understanding of offensive basketball. Uses his body well. Cleans the offensive glass at a good rate, thanks to his huge hands. Hasn’t shown the midrange game that many expected him too, but is a very good player offensively nonetheless.

Defense: A decent defender who lacks the athleticism necessary to be a game changer. Will block some shots by virtue of his length and anticipation, but doesn’t have the quickness to consistently challenge shots on the weak side. Commits quite a few fouls, but it’s hard to fault him for trying to be aggressive. Fights for position, and bring a solid effort level to the defensive end. Good rebounder. Grabs every loose ball that comes his way. Very sure handed.

Dan Gadzuric

Overview: A very long backup center who can do some nice things defensively. Good frame for his position, but it is his wingspan that helps him the most as a player. Runs the floor as well as almost any player his size, and shows pretty good leaping ability. Surprisingly quick feet. Doesn’t bring much to the table offensively. Can score by playing hard, but can’t create his own offense. No midrange game to speak of. Makes a living on the defensive end. Uses his length to alter shots when playing on the ball or when rotating over in help side. Long arms, solid frame, and leaping ability making him a pretty good rebounder as well. Did essentially the same things he does now during his four seasons at UCLA. Provides good depth due to his efficiency, but needs scorers around him to hide his lack of offensive skills.

Offense: A mediocre offensive post player who gets his offense almost exclusively from his effort off the ball. Does a very good job moving into position to grab offensive boards, getting into position to receive drive and dish passes, and rolling hard to the basket. Shows very little shooting touch, and his jumper simply isn’t a part of his game. Proves to be a consistent finisher at the rim due to his athleticism and length. Does the little things on the offensive end to help it flow and seldom gets a play called for him. Runs the floor very hard and maintains a high energy level the entire time he is on the floor. Has essentially no discernable ball skills, but that isn’t a requisite to be effective in his role.

Defense: A solid defensive player who can make an impact as a shot blocker. Makes an effort to contest as many shots as he can when he’s on the floor. Often finds himself in foul trouble for that reason. Will get his hand on the ball pretty frequently when defending the paint. Decent rebounder. Uses his quickness to his advantage whenever he can.

Royal Ivey

Overview: A defensive specialist on the perimeter who has the size, athleticism, and attitude to make a nice impact, without making mistakes. Between positions in terms of height. Has added some weight to his frame and has pretty good strength. Shows tremendous quickness and foot speed in transition and on defense. Brings some things to the table offensively. Has improved significantly on the offensive end since entering the League. Outside shot looks a lot cleaner. Gets some easy baskets around the rim from time to time. Capable of handling the ball. Gets most of his minutes because of his effort level on defense. Never afraid to get on the floor for loose balls. Defensive traits are essentially the same ones that allowed him to be successful at Texas. Passable role player who seems to be gaining confidence.

Offense: A just-decent offensive player who doesn’t do a whole lot of scoring. Gets most of his touches in spot up situations, but is also responsible for quite a bit of ball handling in transition and pick and roll situations. Displays a respectable right handed jumper that he has developed significantly since entering the League. Lacks ideal follow-through and elevation, but has become much more consistent from the outside. Becoming a solid three point shooter and a nice catch and shoot option. Decent shooter off the dribble. Won’t put the ball on the floor all that often when he is looking to score. Likes to drive and dish. Will commit some turnovers, but is a pretty good decision maker. Not a very good finisher at the rim due to his lack of size and explosiveness. Doesn’t shoot a very good percentage from the foul line either.

Defense: A very good defender who doesn’t take a lot of risks. Displays very good fundamentals and great intensity, but lacks the dynamic athleticism to make plays on a regular basis. Can defend the shooting guard spot effectively, but can also guard point guards. Won’t reach. Maintains a low stance and really works hard to stay in front of the ball. Won’t lose his man in rotations. Not a great rebounder. Won’t make many mistakes defensively, which is certainly a plus for him.

Desmond Mason

Overview: A freakish athlete who can still get by on his unbelievable physical merits. Good size and strength for a shooting guard. Ridiculous vertical leap. One of the most impressive dunkers in the game today. Fast and quick as well. Gets by on those traits alone at this point. May be a worse shooter now than when he entered the League. Abandoned that part of his game in recent seasons. Scores some points as a finisher or from the midrange. Solid defensively. Shot a pretty good percentage from the outside as a senior at Oklahoma State. Improved in that aspect of the game in each of his collegiate seasons. Not an NBA 3-point shooter, though, does not even attempt them now. Recent hand injury won’t help. Shows great character and is very active in the community. Good in locker room, but still trying to recapture his success on the court.

Offense: Does most of his damage in the post at this point, but also gets some spot, transition, and one-on-one opportunities. Displays essentially no catch and shoot game anymore. Only takes shots off the dribble inside the arc, and proves to be effective despite the lack of consistency his shooting form yields. Pretty average as a ball handler, and likes to go right. Uses his athleticism to his advantage in the post. Can get position and elevate over the outreached hands of defenders effortlessly. Tends to turn over his left shoulder to the point that he’s rather predictable. Doesn’t show great touch in the post, but makes some tough shots. Very good in transition due to his ability to run the floor. One of the most explosive finishers in the game. Will dunk everything when he gets a step to the rim. Solid offensive rebounder. Has had a harder time on the offensive end recently. Scoring is down, but efficiency is up, as is his assist to turnover ratio.

Defense: A capable defender who can make plays by virtue of his tremendous athleticism. Will block some shots and deflect some passes due to his explosiveness and amazing leaping ability. Will give a solid effort defensively, but could a great defender if he truly dedicated himself to that end. Could be much more active as a rebounder given his athleticism.

Michael Redd

Overview: A great scoring guard who doesn’t have ideal athleticism, but is lights-out from the perimeter. Average size and strength for the shooting guard spot. Is probably one of the least explosive stars in the game today. Shows decent quickness and speed, but nothing special. In contrast, his left handed shooting stroke is probably the quickest in the game. Deadly from three point range. Can score in other ways as well. Alright as a defender. Didn’t show the same range and consistency in his three years at Ohio State. Won the Big 10 Player of the Year Award as a senior. Seemed to develop his shooting ability almost overnight. Took a few seasons in Milwaukee to get to where he is now. Improved in practice alone early on, a testament to his work ethic. Great character and skill level make him a good franchise cornerstone.

Offense: One of the game’s most prolific shooters and the focal point of everything Milwaukee does offensively. Gets a fifth of his touches in one-on-one situations with a significant number of opportunities coming from pick and rolls, off and screens, and in spot up opportunities as well. Has one of the quickest, purest, and most consistent releases in the League. Seems to just fling the ball from above his head at the rim given the speed with which he shoots. One of the best catch and shooter players around. Displays tremendous range and very good perimeter footwork. Takes a lot of threes. Simply lights out, even with a hand in his face. Great midrange shooter as well. Solid ball handler, who can get to the rim since the defense has to respect his shot. Isn’t the best finisher due to his lack of ideal athleticism, but draws a lot of contact and goes to the line at a very high rate. Great foul shooter. Knows how to work off the ball and proves to be a pretty effective drive and kick player. Has the killer instinct that prolific shooters need to have to be as productive as he is. Always in attack mode. Thrives off of defensive mistakes.

Defense: An average defender who lacks the quickness to be very effective. Won’t be asked to guard an opponent’s best offensive player. Has a tough time staying in front of quicker guards. Will use his strength to deny penetration when he can. Shows the ability to play sound defense, but it simply isn’t what makes him a special player. Will get some steals by playing aggressively in passing lane periodically. Shows a willingness to help out on the glass as well.

Michael Ruffin

Overview: A veteran power forward who has bounced around the League as a defense and rebounding specialist. Adequate size, buts it is his length and activity level that make him an effective rebounder. Has a pretty good vertical leap. Nice mobility too. Doesn’t bring anything practically to the floor offensively. Wasn’t even a big time scorer in college at Tulsa. Has always found a home because of his defense and acumen on the glass. Does a good job guarding the post and blocking shots. Goes after everything on the glass. A little foul prone. Decent rotation big man, but needs a post scorer next to him to allow him to use his skills.

Offense: A mediocre offensive player who gets his offense exclusively from hustle plays. Gets most of his touches off of cuts and offensive rebounds. Shows no discernible jump shot. This lack of touch translates to the foul line where he shoots an incredibly poor percentage. Won’t put the ball on the floor to score. Doesn’t show any one-on-one skill. Purely functions as a role player. Does the dirty work inside. Will finish at a high rate when he does get the ball near the rim. Runs the floor hard. Sets good screens. Cleans the offensive glass at a very respectable rate. Not afraid to initiate contact at the rim. Not glamorous, but knows his role and sticks to it.

Defense: A solid defender who will make an effort to keep his man off the block. Doesn’t have the strength or athleticism to always make that work. Will scrap for loose balls in the paint. Gets his hands of quite a few. Will block a few shots by virtue of his length and effort. Won’t give up anything easy at the rim. Decent rebounder. Very foul prone. Can’t say anything negative about the effort he brings. Incredibly high energy.

Ramon Sessions

Bobby Simmons

Overview: A quality small forward who had his development stunted by injuries after coming to Milwaukee as the reigning Most Improved Player. Nice physical strength and long arms. Can make plays on both ends. Has improved his offense significantly since entering the League. Showed signs of offensive potential during his three seasons at DePaul. Needed time to transition his shooting stroke to the NBA level. Spent some time in the NBADL, something that really helped his game in the long run. Used his playing time to find his range again. Recent injuries have slowed him, and it will take time for him to round back into form.

Offense: A solid offensive player who will need time to turn back into the player he was before his knee injury. Has asserted himself more as the season has gone on. Gets almost half of his touches in spot up situations, but also proves effective in one-on-one and post up situations. Displays a pretty consistent jumper with range out past the three point line. Pretty good catch and shoot player. Will do quite a bit of damage pulling up off the dribble as well. Decent ball handling ability. Tends to drive left more often than right. Very good midrange game. Lacks a great first step or incredible explosiveness. Has a tough time finishing at the rim, and doesn’t do a very good job drawing contact to compensate for that. Not a great foul shooter. Provides a nice scoring presence off the ball, but will need time to rediscover the one-on-one skills that he was developing. Doesn’t make many mistakes, which allows him to make an impact even as he continues to find his game.

Defense: A decent defender who is a solid all around player. Uses his athleticism to his advantage when defending the perimeter. Does a good job sliding his feet to deny penetration. Will make an effort to read passers and create turnovers, but would rather stay solid that take an unnecessary risk. Cleans the glass occasionally, but likes to get up the floor when he feels his teammates have thing covered. Gets in a solid stance and plays a very sound brand of defense.

Awvee Storey

Overview: Hard working small forward who can provide some spot minutes off the bench. Good combination of size, strength, and athleticism. Plays with a lot of heart. Very versatile defender. Brings a lot to the table on that end. Isn’t very dynamic offensively at the NBA level. Was rather successful as a scorer at Arizona State after transferring from Illinois. Rebounds at a ridiculous rate for a player his height. Probably best known for fracturing D-League teammate Martynas Andriuskevicius’ skull with a cheap shot in practice. Seems to have a bit of a tempter problem, but doesn’t show it frequently. Essentially acts as a defensive specialist.

Offense: An average offensive player who doesn’t get enough touches to show what he can do. Gets most of his offense from spot up opportunities, but will also makes some hustle plays and do a good job getting open off the ball. Displays a decent looking jumper, but appears to kick his legs out unnecessarily when he pulls up. Displays decent ball handling ability and can knock down some shots off the dribble. Has a quick first step, which makes him tough to keep out of the lane. Does a good job finishing at the rim, and has the explosiveness to beat the defense for easy baskets. Will turn the ball over by being overly aggressive with the ball.

Defense: A physical defender who won’t hesitate to get in his man’s jersey and give fouls when he’s beat. Capable of defending both perimeter spots pretty effectively. Has the overall athleticism necessary to make his aggressive mentality a factor. Capable of sliding over an defending the power forward spot when the matchup isn’t too physically lopsided. Won’t hesitate to get low and try to push his man off the block. Very scrappy when there is a loose ball. Solid rebounder for his position. Brings the effort level required to be a spot specialist.

Charlie Villanueva

Overview: An athletic power forward who has good skills, but is stuck between the post and the perimeter in terms of his potential. Has good size and length for either position. Shows the athleticism necessary from each as well, even if he can’t defend small forwards. Very explosive leaper. Lack ideal strength, which is problem for him down low. Has added some muscle to his frame. Displays a versatile skill set. Can do a lot of things with the ball that players his size can’t. Has had a difficult time improving as a shooter. No longer able to get by on athleticism and coordination like he did during his days as a prep at Blair Academy and in college at UCONN. Won an NCAA Championship with the Huskies in 2004. Needs to show more effort. Has the tools, but won’t be able to put them together unless he dedicates himself. Has been criticized for playing too soft, passive at times, and not always looking very focused.

Offense: A solid offensive player who has the potential to be much better. Gets almost two fifth of his offense from spot up opportunities with sizeable portions coming from post ups and offensive rebounds as well. Displays a smooth, but inconsistent jumper outside with range out past the three point line. Has improved his range since entering the League, but the consistency is still pretty far off. Decent catch and shoot guy. Pretty solid shooter off the dribble as well. Tends to drive left way more often than right. Displays good ball handling ability, but is too loose when he is trying to break his man down. Shows solid back to the basket skills, but turns over his left shoulder too predictably. Proves to be a solid finisher at the rim when he can get to it. Can play above the rim on every possession. Pretty good offensive rebounder. Still developing his perimeter and post skills. Has the raw versatility to become a very good player down the line.

Defense: An average defender who has the athleticism to be a factor. Isn’t as disruptive as he has the potential to be in the short-run. Displays very average intensity. Has the quickness to defend the perimeter and the size to defend the post. Doesn’t have great success or hardship with either. Could be considered versatile in that way, but the results just aren’t there. Rebounds at only an average rate. Needs to be more disciplined and work harder to make an impact.

Jake Voskuhl

Overview: A backup center who has the size and mobility to grab some rebounds and provide some extra fouls off the bench. Passable size for the center position. Adequate bulk as well. Shows decent mobility for a player his size. Not very quick or explosive. More of a hustle player. Doesn’t show a lot of discernable skills outside of his height and energy level. Makes an impact by being active and not playing outside of himself. Never saw a lot of success as an individual at UCONN, but won an NCAA Championship there in 1999. More of a team player than anything else. Good glue guy that is a presence in the locker room.

Offense: Does almost all of his damage offensively as a hustle player. Gets most of his shots from situations where he is working off the ball. Rolls to the basket hard after he sets screens. Does a very good job crashing the offensive glass as well. Displays decent touch on his jumpers. Can function as a catch and shoot in limited touches in the midrange. Quite a finisher at the rim. Knows how to get open and often finishes without a lot of defense around him. Goes to the line a decent clip for a role player. Shoots a surprisingly solid percentage. Does a good job fighting for position. Won’t do anything impressive, but will make the plays that he should make.

Defense: A decent defender who is active enough to see minutes. One of the most foul prone players in the game. Lacks the foot speed to consistently defend the basket. Tends to reach and hack if he can’t stay in front of the play. Will block a shot from time to time. Scrappy when the ball is pried loose at the rim. Lacks the athleticism to be an impact defender. Decent rebounder. Needs to cut down on his fouling.

Maurice Williams

Overview: A great point guard who has developed a scoring repertoire to match his point guard skills. Pretty average size for his position. Displays a great first step. Isn’t very strong, but that hasn’t been a problem for him. Makes a living as a distributor, but has developed a nice offensive repertoire overall. Spent only two years at Alabama. Took a season for him to turn things around once he entered the League. Has already far outplayed his draft position. One of the more talented young point guards in the League.

Offense: The driver behind a great deal of Milwaukee’s offensive success. Gets most of his touches running the pick and roll and pushing the ball in transition. Proves capable as a spot up shooter as well. Displays a consistent shooting stroke with three point range, although he can still stand to improve here. Has become a very dangerous catch and shoot player. Good shooter off the dribble as well. Tends to go to the rim when driving right and pull up when driving left. Shows good touch around the basket. Finishes with a lot of creativity. Doesn’t deal well with contact, but can usually avoid it. Goes to the line at an average pace, something he should definitely work on. Shoots a very good percentage. Makes a living as a point guard. Does almost all of the ball handling for Milwaukee. Routinely gets his teammates involved and create open shots for others. Very good ball handler and passer, even if he’s more of a scorer than a facilitator. Will break his man down off the dribble and drop the ball off to the open man when the defense collapses.

Defense: Has average physical tools here due to his lack of size and bulk. Effort wavers at times. Can put good pressure on the ball when needed, but lacks a degree of lateral quickness to avoid getting beat off the dribble. Struggles after taking the initial bump from stronger guards. Not much of a rebounder at his position. A bit lackadaisical closing out shooters at times.

Yi Jianlian

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