Jared Reiner: Waiting Game in the Dog Days of Summer

Jared Reiner: Waiting Game in the Dog Days of Summer
Aug 14, 2009, 12:27 pm
Call me old-fashioned or lame, but I don’t feel the need to update people on whether my Browns were successful in that morning’s Super Bowl. That is why I don’t Tweet or use Facebook. My cell phone is so old it doesn’t even have Internet. I am obviously out of touch with all the new waves of communication, since I only blog.

That is the short end of an apology to my avid blog readers for the lack of intimate instant communication that I deprive them of. And since I see my wife everyday and talk to the rest of my family enough to keep them in the know, the other ten people who read my blog are S.O.L.

The long end is that I don’t really have much to report as far my career-updates go. I probably should have put at least one blog out there about how much the economy effects the market. A missed opportunity to blog about the launching of beer grenades at a wedding I went to this summer also comes to mind.

You would think I would get used to all the uncertainty that free-agency brings considering all five years of my career I have never ended a season knowing where I will be the next. Most of the time I would just blog as usual and laugh about what is going on during the process. But sometimes the anxiety gets old and I prefer to use the out of sight out of mind approach. That might be the motivation behind my lack of blogging.

Some people have even asked me why I have tried to make NBA rosters on non-guarantee contracts instead of just going to Europe right away. Maybe it has something to do with European training camps starting two months before their regular season. And these camps usually are held in some remote location in the mountains and entail miles and miles of running. Or maybe there is so much narcissism running through my veins compiled with such an inflated sense of self-worth that I crave the risk of being fired at a NBA camp.

The real reason probably is that my agent just hasn’t found the right situation yet for me in Europe, and that I have nothing else to lose. It sounds crazy, but living situations and cultural differences sometimes play more of a role than money when I debate taking a job in Europe.

I also know that carousing the basketball rumor and transaction sites probably isn’t the best remedy to lessen my anxiety during free agency. I use it for motivation for my workouts though. It is kinda like the dog who sniffs someone’s crotch in an elevator when he knows that he is gonna gets reprimanded by his owner. He knows better, but the temptation is just too great.

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I will be browsing the Internet on an up-to-date phone and I will see a roster move somewhere in the world that will determine where I will be playing. Then I can update my Facebook and tweet my new situation. Then again, my agent will probably just send me a text to encourage me to keep doing what I have been doing and reassure me something will happen soon.

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