James White Signs Two-Year Deal with Spurs

James White Signs Two-Year Deal with Spurs
Nov 03, 2006, 12:52 pm
James White has signed a two-year partially guaranteed deal with the San Antonio Spurs, a league source told

White was recently waived by the Indiana Pacers despite being picked with the first pick in this yearÂ’s 2nd round draft. The Indiana Pacers used three second round picks to acquire his rights before waiving him. White cleared waivers and will receive 1.1 million dollars from Indiana as part of the two-year fully guaranteed contract he signed.

He will also additionally be paid the league minimum over the next two years by the Spurs as long as he stays on their roster. The Spurs were reportedly very high on him leading up to the draft and were rumored to be involved in discussions for a potential draft-day trade to acquire his rights. White worked out for them on June 19th, despite the fact that the Spurs only had a very late 2nd round pick.

White was considered arguably the top athlete in the 2006 draft, and is hailed for his potential as a defensive stopper. He was drafted as a fifth year senior out of Cincinnati after transferring out of Florida following his freshman season. He underachieved in college, but still has a chance to develop into an excellent role-player thanks to his outstanding physical tools. His in-depth pre-draft scouting report can be read here. San Antonio has been looking for a future replacement for defensive stopper Bruce Bowen for some time.

White also had serious interest from two other NBA teams.

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