High School Class of 2014 Scouting Reports, Part Two- the Big Men

High School Class of 2014 Scouting Reports, Part Two- the Big Men
Sep 04, 2013, 11:06 am
Scouting report breakdowns on some of the top big men prospects in the 2014 high school class, including Myles Turner, Cliff Alexander, Trey Lyles, Kevon Looney, Chris McCullough, Craig Victor, Reid Travis, Brekkott Chapman, Jaylen Johnson, Angel Delgado, Trayvon Reed, Chinanu Onuaku, Gary Clark and Michael Nzei.

-High School Class of 2014 Scouting Reports, Part One - the Guards

Myles Turner, 6-10, PF/C, Trinity Euless TX

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #7, ESPN: #10, Scout: #5, Rivals: #6

-Tremendous physical attributes. Great frame, long arms, soft hands
-Extremely athletic. Quick off his feet. Very nimble.
-Great instincts as a shot-blocker. Terrific timing
-Very good touch around the basket
-Very nice turnaround jumper
-Capable of stepping outside and shooting from the perimeter
-Can put the ball on the floor a bit
-Very intelligent player. Great passer for his position
-Extremely unselfish. Almost to a fault at times
-Competes on the glass
-Solid toughness
-Extremely intelligent off the court
-Huge upside to continue to develop

-Very limited offensively
-Not strong enough to establish position inside the paint
-Does not possess great footwork or post moves
-Not really comfortable carrying a heavy scoring load. Often does not look like he really wants the ball
-Shots the ball with a side-spin, which hurts his accuracy
-Not fluid or graceful yet with movements. Runs the floor and hedges screens somewhat awkwardly

Outlook: Physically gifted big man still in a very early stage of his development. Grew considerably in a short amount of time, and does not look fully comfortable in his own skin just yet. Has the potential to be a special defensive player. Has terrific instincts for blocking shots. Frame is underdeveloped but will fill out in impressive fashion. Appears to have terrific intangibles off the court, which leaves a lot of room for optimism regarding his future development.

Cliff Alexander, 6'8, PF/C, Curie IL

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #3, ESPN: #2, Scout: #6, Rivals: #4

-Not terribly tall (6-8 ½ in shoes), but possesses a great frame, huge hands and an extremely long 7-3 wingspan
-Tremendous athlete. Quick feet. Runs well. Highly explosive. Terrific strength
-Plays with toughness and intensity and a real chip on his shoulder
-Extremely efficient offensively thanks to ability to score inside the paint
-Finishes everything with a dunk
-Terrific rebounder on both ends of the floor
-Possesses decent shooting mechanics and soft touch
-Can make plays defensively thanks to his tremendous physical tools

-More of an undersized center than a power forward at this stage
-Skill-level still a work in progress.
-Fundamentals on defense still a work in progress

Outlook: Chiseled big man who combines phenomenal physical tools with an excellent motor. A man amongst boys at the high school level, where he can dominate purely off his strength, athleticism and intensity. Will have to develop his all-around game against more physically mature opponents, but should be able to make quite an impact at any level with reasonable development.

Trey Lyles, 6'10, Power Forward, Indianapolis Tech IN

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #17, ESPN: #4, Scout: #4, Rivals: #5

-Good size and strong frame
-Exceptionally skilled big man
-Can score one on one inside the post. Has very good footwork, soft touch and is very adept at making turnaround jumpers
-Can create his own shot from the perimeter
-Handles the ball in open floor and passes on the move
-Can make an open 3-pointer.
-Possesses an excellent basketball IQ.
-Terrific passer

-Average athlete in terms of quickness and explosiveness
-Conditioning has fallen off significantly. Did not look in shape at all
-Average defender. Somewhat stuck between positions defensively
-Lacks the lateral quickness or intensity needed to guard skilled power forwards on the perimeter
-Not enough of a rim protector to anchor the defense as a center
-Does not step out on the pick and roll

Outlook: Extremely fluid and agile big man with a terrific blend of power and finesse. Should develop into a very effective scorer. Has plenty of room to develop on the other end of the floor. Must improve his conditioning level.

Kevon Looney, 6'8, F, Milwaukee Hamilton WI

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #7, ESPN: #9, Scout: #9, Rivals: #11

-Solid frame. Big shoulders. Should be able to fill out nicely
-Good wingspan (7-1)
-Plays extremely hard
-Excellent rebounder
-Very competitive defensively
-Guards multiple positions
-Gets in passing lanes. Blocks shots
-Decent shooting mechanics. Can make a spot-up 3-pointer
-Uses shot fakes to open up driving lanes
-Unselfish player. Does all the little things. Doesn't mind doing the dirty work

-Somewhat stuck between the 3 and the 4 offensively
-Doesn't have a consistent means of scoring right now except via offensive glass
-Flat-footed jumper with a slow release
-Average ball-handler
-No left hand
-No real post game

Outlook: Undersized power forward with terrific energy and toughness. Selfless teammate who will help a college team win plenty of games. Will need to continue to fill out his frame and expand his offensive game to improve his NBA prospects and not be labeled as strictly a garbage man type role player.

Chris McCullough, 6'9, Power Forward, Brewster Academy NH

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #16, ESPN: #7, Scout: #16, Rivals: #13
Committed to Syracuse

-Solid frame that will fill out in time
-7-2 ½ wingspan
-Extremely fluid and agile big man. Runs the floor well when motivated. Can play above the rim with ease
-Highly skilled for his size
-Possesses range out to the 3-point line. Can shoot with feet set or off the dribble
-Can put the ball on the floor and attack his man from the perimeter. Has a solid first step and the ability to finish smoothly off the glass with either hand
-Comes up with plenty of offensive rebounds thanks to length and agility
-Skilled enough to grab a rebound and take the ball coast to coast
-Has excellent agility on defensive. Moves his feet well. Has the lateral quickness needed to stay in front of power forwards on the perimeter
-Has the length, physical tools and instincts to make plenty of plays defensively. Comes up regularly with blocks, steals and rebounds

-Rarely looks like he's playing with maximum intensity. Goes through the motions in too many possessions. Coasts for long stretches
-Not always willing to compete inside the paint. Shies away from contact
-Not an efficient offensive player. Consistently settles for low-percentage shots from the perimeter
-Has very poor fundamentals on defense. Doesn't get into a stance. Gets backed down relentlessly. Gambles for steals. Needs to improve strength and toughness around the basket
-Doesn't box out on defense
-Body language is often poor

Outlook: Exceptionally gifted modern day power forward who drops impresses glimpses of potential, but also shows a multitude of highly concerning red flags. Does not play with a high motor and shows average toughness and fundamentals. Similar package of strengths and weaknesses as Perry Jones at the same stage.

Craig Victor, 6'8, Power Forward, Findlay Prep NV

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #47, ESPN: #31, Scout: #14, Rivals: #21
Committed to Arizona

-Fundamentally sound power forward who is very effective in the mid to high post
-Smart, team oriented player
-Good passer
-Has very good footwork
-Uses shot-fakes to create driving angles
-Can create facing the basket off one or two dribbles with right hand
-Very competitive player
-Contributes on the offensive glass
-Good shooting mechanics. Very effective from the mid-range area
-Soft touch from the perimeter and around the basket
-Puts a solid effort in defensively

-Undersized power forward without a great frame
-Not a great athlete. Quick jumper, but plays below the rim
-Needs to get stronger.
-Should continue to expand the range on his jump-shot
-Ball-handling skills in the half-court are improvable
-Left hand needs work
-No real post game

Outlook: Unique power forward. Has an old school style of play. Very cerebral. Not the most athletic or skilled player around, but finds a way to be effective. Will need to continue to round out his skill-level long term, but shows intriguing versatility already.

Reid Travis, 6'7, Power Forward, De La Salle MN

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #45, ESPN: #40, Scout: #44, Rivals: #40

-Physically mature big man with a chiseled frame
-A workhorse inside the paint
-Can score with his back to the basket. Hook shots in lane with some range
-Tough as nails. Doesn't have any problem taking contact at the rim and finishing
-Gets to the free throw line at a very strong rate. Makes 70% of his attempts
-Runs the floor extremely well, regularly gets ahead of defense for easy baskets
-Very good offensive rebounder
- Runs the floor hard. Gets ahead of defense regularly.

-Undersized at 6-7
-Somewhat stuck between the 4 and the 5
-Average defender. Struggles to contain penetration
-Not a playmaker defensively. Doesn't protect the basket
-Won't be able to bully players quite as effectively at the next level. Will likely need to add more finesse to his game

Outlook: Tyler Hansbrough esqe big man with good scoring instincts and an outstanding motor. The type of big man every college coach dreams of. Will need to continue to expand his game to attract the pro scouts, but can't be ruled out with his work rate and toughness.

Brekkott Chapman, 6'8, Power Forward, Roy UT

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #33, ESPN: #49, Scout: #79, Rivals: #57
Committed to Utah

-Decent size for a combo forward at 6-8ish. Has a frame that should fill out
-Excellent shooter. Very good shooting mechanics
-Intelligent player who knows how to operate within a system. Makes the extra pass. Knows how to play. Feeds the post
-Competes defensively and on the glass. Gets in the passing lanes. Blocks shots on occasion with nice timing. Gets hands on offensive rebounds

-Somewhat stuck between the 3 and the 4
-Little bit akwward in way he runs. Doesn't play extended
-Has some athleticism but doesn't really know how to use it in the half-court yet
-Needs to get stronger
-Limited ball-handler skills. Struggles to create high percentage shots for himself in the half-court. Rarely gets all the way to the basket
-Average finisher around the basket
-Has a low release point on his jumper
-Struggles guarding the 4. Lacks strength and a degree of toughness
-Quick enough laterally to guard small forwards?

Outlook: Lefty with a strong basketball IQ and a nice stroke from outside. Should fit in nicely into a disciplined half-court college system thanks to unselfishness and feel for game. Shows the potential to evolve into more than just a one-dimensional stretch four, but must continue to get stronger and develop his skill-set on both ends of the court.

Jaylen Johnson, 6'9, Power Forward, Ypsilanti MI

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #55, ESPN: #62, Scout: #97, Rivals: #64

-6-9 in shoes with a near 7-2 wingspan
-Very young frame that should fill out nicely in the next few years. Big shoulders
-Solid mobility and agility. Can play above the rim.
-Decent touch. Can make an outside shot, despite not possessing great shooting mechanics
-Can handle the ball a bit in the open court. Will find teammates on the move
-Active on the offensive glass. Can make presence felt with length and athleticism
-Solid finisher around the basket
-Very quick stepping out on screens

-Lacks significant polish in the half-court
-No post game whatsoever
-Lacks significant strength which hampers him in many ways at the moment. Will take time for to mature physically
-Not very fundamentally sound. Plays mostly off his talent and physical tools
-Doesn't really know his limitations. Can get very wild on offense. Shot-selection leaves something to be desired. Settle for outside jumpers
-Doesn't always give a second effort on defense. Gives up deep post position. Gambles in passing lanes

Outlook: Long, mobile 4/5 with a developing frame. Lacks significant polish but still in an early stage of development. Shows some small glimpses of versatility that hint of developing into an effective modern day power forward, but needs time, patience and good coaching to get there.

Angel Delgado, 6'9, PF/C, Huntington Prep WV

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #46, ESPN: #63, Scout: #61, Rivals: #54
Committed to Seton Hall

-Great body. Chiseled frame. Big hands
-One of the best rebounders in all of high school basketball. Led the EYBL in every rebounding category, averaging a ridiculous 18.2 boards per-40 minutes pace adjusted
-Goes after glass on every possession. Shows terrific instincts and anticipation skills to go along with an excellent motor
-Runs floor. Extremely active. Plays hard
-Good potential defensively. Blocks shots

-Has functional athleticism but is not an above the rim high-flying athlete
-More of an undersized center than a real 4/5
-Limited offensive player in the half-court
-Shot a horrid 32% from the free throw line (29/90) in 23 Nike EYBL games
-Very ugly shooting mechanics
-No real post game
-Lacks significant experience
-Basketball IQ is average

Outlook: Strong, active big man who cleans the glass with the best of them. Has one unique skill he can really hang his hat on, but must develop the rest of his game now. How will he fare when he can't simply bully less physically mature players around like he does at the high school level?

Trayvon Reed, 7'1, Center, Shiloh GA

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #68, ESPN: #84, Scout: #66, Rivals: #68

-Tremendous size. Measured over 7-1 in shoes
-Great frame. Will fill out substantially in time
-Useful player to have in a team's rotation due to rare physical attributes
-Can rotate for blocks and protect the basket

-Very limited offensively even at high school level
-Struggles to catch the ball cleanly
-Doesn't show much touch from the free throw line
-Coordination, awareness is poor
-Doesn't have great instincts or fundamentals

Outlook: Big man with impressive physical attributes. Would test well in a combine setting, but doesn't know have functional athleticism yet and struggles to translate his mobility to the basketball court yet. Looks like a lottery pick on first glance, but is light years away from being able to contribute at a high level. Will need plenty of time and patience.

Chinanu Onuaku, 6'10, Center, Riverdale Baptist MD

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #64, ESPN: #NR, Scout: #64, Rivals: #120

-Very good body. Physically mature
-Nimble. Moves feet well.
-Goes out of area for rebounds
-Can pass the ball a bit
-Can block shots
-Nice outlet passes

-Below the rim big man
-Doesn't always play with great energy
-Limited offensively. Doesn't really know what his role is on the floor

Outlook: Brother of Arinze Onuaku. Chiseled big man who is still in an early stage of his development. Will always get looks thanks to his impressive frame and length. Can make an impact defensively and on the glass when dialed in.

Gary Clark, 6'7, Power Forward, Clayton NC

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #134, ESPN: #NR, Scout: #NR, Rivals: #NR

-Active, athletic undersized power forward with a nice wingspan
-Decent scoring instincts
-Frame should fill out nicely in time
-Very good rebounder
-Has some very basic back to the basket moves
-Team player. Does all the little things
-Tough guy. Plays hard. Gets after it on offensive glass . No nonsense attitude
-Very competitive defensively. Shows good timing as a shot-blocker and defensive rebounder

-Undersized for his position. More of a center than a small forward despite being only 6-7
-Long, slow ugly release on his jumper. Doesn't have much range
-Average ball-handler in half-court
-No post moves
-How will he score against better competition?
-Is he big enough to guard collegiate power forwards?

Outlook: Needs to fill out his frame but should be a solid contributor at the high-major level. Lacks the size to be considered a great prospect, but has the length, athleticism and intangibles to find a way to be effective. Has the potential to play professional basketball if he continues to work on his jump-shot and all-around game.

Michael Nzei, 6'8, PF, Our Saviour New American NY

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: 247: #NR, ESPN: #NR, Scout: #NR, Rivals: #NR

-Good frame. Extremely long arms
-Good athlete. Runs the floor like a deer
-Finds plenty of easy baskets simply beating the defense down the floor in transition
-Plays extremely hard
-Finishes with toughness around the basket
-Excellent rebounder. Led the adidas Nations in rebounding at 10.6 per game in just 27.6 minutes
-Great instincts for pursuing loose balls
-Competes on defense

-Very undersized. Body type looks more like that of a small forward than a big man
-Underdeveloped skill-level
-Poor ball-handler
-No range on jump-shot
-Limited inside the post.
-No left hand
-Fundamentals on defense are poor

Outlook: Tweener big man who gets by strictly on his athleticism and motor. Plays with a nice spirit and is a team player. Extremely competitive and active, and thus finds ways to contribute. Should find a niche doing the same at the college level, but probably better suited doing so in a mid-major conference considering his body type.

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