High School Class of 2013: Elite Prospect Scouting Reports, Part Two

High School Class of 2013: Elite Prospect Scouting Reports, Part Two
Sep 12, 2012, 10:03 am
After a long summer on the road, we recount a selection of the elite players we evaluated and discuss their future prospects and development, including: Jabari Bird, Marcus Lee, Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Tyler Ennis, Nick King, Semi Ojeleye, Matt Jones, Damian Jones, Sindarius Thornwell, Kennedy Meeks, Tony Trocha, Troy Williams, Nate Britt and Moses Kingsley.

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Jabari Bird, 6-6, SG/SF, Salesian H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Cal

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #20, Scout: #15, Rivals: #20, 24/7: #21

-Good size for a wing
-Frame should fill out nicely in time
-Good athlete
-Talented one on one player
-Can create his own shot with either hand
-Solid mid-range game
-Finishes well around the basket, sometimes in acrobatic fashion
-Excellent shooting mechanics
-Can make shots off the dribble or with feet set
-Elevates well creating separation from defender to get pull-up jumper off

-Average wingspan (measured 6-7)
-Lacks strength. Only 179 pounds. Will take time for body to fill out
-Needs to improve polish, experience-level in half-court
-Average ball-handler
-Can't consistently create good shots around the basket in the half-court at a high rate yet
-Settles for bad shots at times
-Outside shot prone to streakiness

Talented wing with excellent scoring instincts. Still a bit rough around the edges, but that's to be expected considering his age. Has the potential to develop into an extremely interesting prospect long term.


Marcus Lee, 6-9, Power Forward, Deer Valley H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Undecided

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #27, Scout: #37, Rivals: #15, 24/7: #8

-Has terrific height and length for a big man at 6-10 in shoes, with a 7-1 ½ wingspan
-Great frame that will fill out nicely in time
-Extremely athletic
-Excellent finisher. Dunks everything
-Very good shot-blocker. Good timing
-Solid offensive rebounder
-Finishes very well around the basket. Good hands
-Above average feel for game. Solid passer
-Plays with solid effort. Looks competitive

-Only 199 pounds. Lacks strength in a serious way
-Pretty raw on both ends of the floor
-Fundamentals are average, especially on defense
-Doesn't box out opponents
-Average defensive rebounder
-Struggles to keep stronger big men from posting up. Doesn't deny position early in possessions
-Limited scorer
-No post game. Lacks strength to back anyone down, doesn't have any real footwork
-Doesn't show much of a perimeter game
-Not as good a rebounder as he should be.

Raw, but talented big man with all the physical tools needed to develop into a great prospect. Still in a very early stage of his development. Should be able to make an impact immediately as a shot-blocker. Offensive game will take time.


Xavier Rathan-Mayes, 6'2 ½, Shooting Guard, Huntington Prep
College: Undecided

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #23, Scout: #39, Rivals: #25, 24/7: #41

-Pure scorer
-Confident, prolific shooter with feet set or off the dribble
-Quick release and excellent shooting mechanics
-Deep deep range
-Creates separation very well from defender in the mid-range
-Solid frame. 6-5 wingspan
-Solid basketball IQ. Finds open man
-Majority of field goal attempts are 3-pointers, but made 40% in the EYBL
-Has a swagger about him. Never changes his face. Never looks rattled
-Some back to the basket ability.

-Only 6-2 ½ in shoes
-More of a shooting guard than a point guard
-Average athlete
-Will take some bad shots occasionally
-Needs to improve ball-handling/ability to score inside the paint
-Doesn't get to the free throw line
-Does not project as a great defender

Prolific shooter/scorer who should be able to contribute immediately at the college level. A little bit undersized as far as the NBA is concerned, but has tremendous scoring instincts and is not just a one-dimensional spot-up shooter.


Tyler Ennis, 6-2, Point Guard, St. Benedict's Prep, HS Class of 2013
College: Syracuse

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #41, Scout: #20, Rivals: #21, 24/7: #36

-6-2 in shoes with a 6-5 wingspan
-Very versatile offensive player
-Excellent shooting stroke. Can make shots with his feet set or off the dribble
-Fluid player with nice ball-handling skills. Operates at different speeds. Can create with either hand
-Terrific potential on pick and roll
-Does a good job creating for others unselfishly
-High basketball IQ
-Plays with poise and maturity. Keep mistakes to a minimum

-No blazing speed. Good, but not great athlete
-Sometimes struggles to finish at the rim
-Leadership skills? A little bit quiet on the floor
-Lateral quickness? Defensive potential?

Outlook: Smooth, mature, efficient, European style guard who shows a great blend between passing, creating and scoring. Looks to be ready to contribute right away.


Nick King, 6-7, SF, East H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Memphis

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #28, Scout: #18, Rivals: #37, 24/7: #48

-Tremendous physical attributes.
-6-7 in shoes, with a 6-11 wingspan
-Excellent frame
-Makes 3-pointers with very good percentages
-Can make tough shots off the dribble
-Passes ahead in transition.
-Can put ball down a bit with left hand.
-Can make deep ones.
-Hasn't turned 17 yet.

-Smooth athlete, but not incredibly quick or explosive
-Low, slow release on catch and shoot jumper. Pulls string on his shots at times. Better pulling up than with feet set?
-Average ball-handler. Everything with left hand
-Average toughness
-Easily frustrated. Looked immature and displayed poor body language in the event I attended
-Too affected by what goes on in the game. Complains

Smooth lefty with tremendous size and length for his position. Looks to have solid scoring instincts, but still has a ways to go to round out his offensive arsenal, particularly as a shot-creator. Did not play as well at the Nike Peach Jam as he had in the past elsewhere.


Semi Ojeleye, 6-7, Small Forward, Ottawa Senior H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Duke

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #38, Scout: #22, Rivals: #30, 24/7: #18

-Good size for a wing at 6-6 ½ in shoes with a 6-9 ½ wingspan
-Chiseled frame looks NBA ready already. 217 pounds
-Very good athlete
-Can make an open 3-pointer
-Finishes very well around the basket
-Rebounds extremely well for his position
-Rarely turns ball over
-Puts great effort in on defense
-Highly unselfish. Finds the open man
-Moves intelligently off the ball
-Sets solid screens
-Appears to be an excellent teammate
-Smart and physical
-Doesn't try to do things he isn't good at

-Needs to improve his skill-level offensively
-Average ball-handler. No left hand. Struggles to create high-percentage shots for himself in the half-court
-Strictly a catch and shoot jump-shooter. Not incredibly consistent yet from the perimeter

Outlook: Consummate role-player who will be an asset at the college level. May not project as a go-to scorer, but is a team player who does all the little things needed to win games. Has terrific size and strength for his position. Must continue to improve his skill-level, but looks like someone who will be more effective when surrounded by better players.


Matt Jones, 6-5, Shooting Guard, DeSoto H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Duke

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #33, Scout: #27, Rivals: #32, 24/7: #53

-6-5 in shoes with a 6-7 wingspan
-Has a very frame
-Extremely efficient offensive player
-Pure shooter with deep range and a quick release
-Shot nearly 50% for 3 in 20 games at the EYBL
-Can make shots with feet set or off the dribble
-Rarely turns the ball over
-Not one-dimensional. Finds ways to score inside the arc
-Team player and willing passer
-Can drive and dish a bit

-Good not great athlete
-Needs to continue to improve ball-handling and shot-creation skills
-Doesn't change speeds or directions with the ball very well at this stage
-Doesn't get to the free throw line at a great rate
-Has room to improve defensively

Outlook: Smooth, smart, skilled shooter/scorer with a solid floor game. Doesn't blow you away with athleticism or upside, but looks like a very solid bet to develop into an excellent college player and possibly more.


Damian Jones, 6-9, PF/C, Scotlandville Magnet, HS Class of 2013
College: Vanderbilt

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #72, Scout: #99, Rivals: #79, 24/7: #21

-Very long wingspan
-Frame that will fill out in time
-Terrific instincts defensively
-Excellent athlete
-Runs floor extremely well
-Very quick second bounce
-Goes well out of area for offensive rebounds
-Makes plays above the rim thanks to his solid leaping ability
-Capable of stepping out and knocking down a mid-range jumper
-Shot 73% from the free throw line in the EYBL
-Has no strength to establish position, but fights for space inside regardless
-Tremendous shot-blocking instincts

-Very limited offensively
-Frame might take 4-5 years to fill out
-Doesn't have the strength or footwork to play with his back to the basket
-Might struggle to defender stronger centers in college. Does not appear to be agile enough laterally to guard power forwards
-Doesn't box out on the defensive glass

Outlook: Springy big man with terrific length. Plays with very good energy and makes his presence felt regularly on the defensive end. Still a long ways away strength-wise and in terms of his offensive polish, but has excellent potential to grow into as he continues to mature physically.


Sindarius Thornwell, 6-5, Shooting Guard, Oak Hill Academy, HS Class of 2013
College: Undecided

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #20, Scout: #21, Rivals: #40, 24/7: #33

-Has decent size at 6-4 ½ in shoes
-Strong 198 pound frame
-6-9 wingspan
-Tremendous scoring instincts
-Creates shots at will and gets to the free throw line a ton
-Uses his strength and first step to get by guys and finish at the rim
-Can make an open 3-pointer
-Can make plays on defense thanks to his length and instincts

-Not an exceptional athlete. Relies on his strength to create shots rather than elite explosiveness
-Tends to force the issue with careless turnovers and poor shot-selection
-Average shooter at this juncture. Shooting mechanics aren't great. Doesn't have much of an in-between game
-Needs to improve left hand
-Possesses average fundamentals on defense. Gambles excessively. Does not always put in the best effort
-Body language isn't great


Kennedy Meeks, 6-9, Center, West Charlotte H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Undecided

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #17, Scout: #29, Rivals: #51, 24/7: #46

-6-9 ½ in shoes with a 7-0 wingspan
-Basketball IQ is off the charts
-Operates like a point-center out on the floor
-Tremendous passer for his position
-Has the offense run through him in the high post and finds the open man cutting to the basket every single time
-Too strong for opposing big men to keep outside of the paint
-Can score in the low post
-Has phenomenal hands
-Extremely soft touch around the basket
-Can knock down an outside jumper with nice form
-Shoots a very high percentage from the floor
-Appears to be a very positive teammate. Always cheering. First one off the bench
-Has the length and timing to block an occasional shot
-Terrific rebounder

-Weighed in at nearly 300 pounds at the LeBron James Skills Academy
-Conditioning a significant factor. Gets winded easily
-Doesn't run the floor incredibly well
-Lacks great athleticism. Plays completely below the rim guy
-Undersized center at 6-9 1/2
-Doesn't always dominate offensively the way that he should. Appears to be a bit bored playing at this level
-Tends to coast a bit, hanging out on the perimeter and letting the defense off easy
-Should focus on becoming a better low-post presence: improving his footwork, left hand and counter moves

Outlook: Tremendously skilled and smart big man who is mature beyond his years. Needs to shed at least 25 pounds of baby fat before headed to college, and not settle for playing so much on the perimeter, but it's impossible to find big men with his understanding of the game. If he has the internal motivation necessary to get his weight down and utilize his strong frame more regularly, he will have a great pro career.


Tony Trocha, 6-10, PF/C, St. Thomas H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Undecided

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #NR, Scout: #NR, Rivals: #NR, 24/7: #85

-Has good physical attributes for a big man, including size, long arms and a nice frame
-Very mobile player. Runs the floor well, can play above the rim, quick second bounce
-Can make a mid-range jumper
-Soft touch around the basket
-Good defensive potential. Shows nice timing as a shot-blocker. Can step out on the pick and roll. Agile enough to contest multiple shots around the basket in a single possession
-Puts a good effort in on the glass

-Needs to get a lot stronger, tougher
-Very raw prospect. New to the game. Seems to possess very little experience
-Good tools on defense but needs to improve fundamentals
-Long ways from reaching full potential
-A little soft possibly?

Outlook: Also known as Tony Trocha. Springy, agile big man with strong physical attributes. 18 year old import from Colombia who played well this past summer at the U18 FIBA Americas Championship. At a very early stage of his development both physically and skill-wise, but shows nice tools in a couple of different areas. May be eligible to enroll in college at the semester break in December reportedly. Will likely need some time to get his feet wet.


Troy Williams, 6-6, Small Forward, Phoebus H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: Undecided

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #30, Scout: #40, Rivals: #35, 24/7: #34

-6-6 in shoes with a 6-8 wingspan
-Great frame
-Outstanding athlete
-Excellent in transition
-Solid offensive rebounder
-Great elevation on jump-shot
-Finishes in transition
-Can beat opponents off the dribble in straight line with a dynamite first step
-Makes spectacular plays on defense at times thanks to his physical tools

-Very inconsistent shooter
-Low release point. Shooting mechanics seemingly change every time
-Settles for way too many 3-pointers
-Lacks experience. Plays off his instincts, forces issue badly at times
-Feel for game seemingly average
-Doesn't create much for others
-Struggles to play without the ball
-Advanced ball-handling skills a work in progress. Struggles to create good shots in half-court if he can't simply blow by his opponent with his strong first step
-Loses focus easily. A bit immature?

Looks the part of a NBA wing and then some with his terrific size, athleticism and scoring instincts. Has major talent and long-term potential, but is extremely unpolished even considering his age. Needs to get with a good coaching staff and improve his fundamentals and overall feel for the game.


Nate Britt, 6-0, PG, Gonzaga College H.S., HS Class of 2013
College: North Carolina

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #49, Scout: #67, Rivals: #73, 24/7: #52

-Point guard mentality
-Sees the floor
-Creative passer
-Makes plays for teammates in the half-court
-Solid first step. Good in transition
-Tough guy. Gets after it on defense

-Limited scorer?
-Really struggles with his outside shot
-Turnover prone
-Overdribbles, little bit wild at times
-Needs to improve leadership skills
-Needs to improve ability to finish around the basket
-A year older than most of his class. Turns 19 in January

Outlook: Has dropped considerably in the recruiting rankings as of late. May not be progressing at the rate some hoped. Transferred to Oak Hill. Change of scenery may do him good. Had some injuries this past year and didn't always look to be in great shape early in the summer.


Moses Kingsley, 6-9, Center, Huntington Prep, HS Class of 2013
College: Undecided

Jonathan Givony

Recruiting Rankings: ESPN: #46, Scout: #50, Rivals: #59, 24/7: #29

-6-9 ½ in shoes with a 7-2 wingspan
-Excellent frame that will fill out even more in time
-Very good athlete
-Finishes extremely well around the basket
-Tremendous defensive presence
-Uses his length and excellent timing to block and alter shots around the rim
-Can step out and hedge screens on the perimeter
-Goes out of his area for rebounds on both ends of the floor

-No real offensive skill-level
-Limited post-game
-Ugly shooting mechanics
-Struggles from the free throw line

Outlook: Physically gifted big man who is far more advanced on the defensive end of the ball. Somewhat stuck between the 4 and the 5 spots. How much of an offensive presence he can become remains to be seen.


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