2016 adidas Eurocamp: Day Three

2016 adidas Eurocamp: Day Three
Jun 12, 2016, 02:58 pm
We break down the third and final day of the adidas Eurocamp along with the official camp measurements and athletic testing results.
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Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

Able to stray away from his fairly confined role as a spot up shooter at Kansas, Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk played arguably his best all around game of the Eurocamp against the USA Select Team, posting a triple double – 12 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists – in 37 minutes. The 19-year-old Ukranian guard made 4-of-11 threes both off the catch and the dribble, but it was his court vision and playmaking ability as a primary ball handler that stood out the most.

Mykhailiuk proved comfortable operating out of ball screens as he regularly whipped passes to the roll man and the weak side shooter. At 6' 6” Mykhailiuk is able to see over the top of the defense, and while he's a capable yet not overly polished ball handler, he's quick enough to turn the corner and find teammates while on the move. The Cherkasy native was also able to turn several of his 11 rebounds into transition buckets, pushing the ball fluidly up the floor and creating scoring opportunities with no-look and behind the back passes.

Defensively, Mykhailiuk continued to showcase his improvement as he contained penetration regularly both against isolation and in closeout situations. He has quick feet and an improved frame, both of which helped him all camp long.

Mykhailiuk's versatile performance didn't come without any miscues, however. He has a tendency to go for the homerun play at times and can have brief lapses in his decision making, evident by the six turnovers he committed. He also struggled to finish at the rim (0-for-6 from inside the arc), with two of those misses coming off of blown dunks. While he's a very good leaper in space, Mykhailiuk can improve his ability to take contact in the paint. He also had some struggles creating high percentage offense in isolation situations, and proved to be a bit streaky as a shooter for the majority of the camp.

With all of that said, it was a refreshing to see Mykhailiuk able to show some of the playmaking skills that excited scouts during the 2014 Nike Hoop Summit practices when he was just 16 years old. It remains to be seen whether or not Mykhailiuk will be able to showcase some of those skills in his junior season at Kansas with Frank Mason and Devonte Graham both returning and highly-touted freshman wing Josh Jackson coming in, but the Ukranian guard proved that he can bring more to the floor than standing in the corner and shooting up jumpers.

Athletic Testing and Measurements Quick Hitters
You can find all the results from the testing done in Treviso here, and our full measurement database here.

-Ante Zizic measured 6'11.5 in shoes with a 7'2.5 wingspan and a 249-pound frame. His closest physical comparison at this stage is likely Greg Monroe who measured 6'11 in shoes with a 247-pound frame and a 7'2.25 wingspan coming out of Georgetown in 2010. The young Croatian could conceivably still grow a bit, but has nice size for a center either way, even if he lacks elite length.

16-year-old Serbian big man Philip Petrusev measured 6'9.75 in shoes with a 6'10.5 wingspan and a promising 213-pound frame. Not particularly long or explosive at this stage, Petrusev nonetheless impressed in the Next Generation setting with his interior scoring ability and fundamentals. He has room to improve as a jump shooter, but is certainly a name to keep an ear out for in the coming seasons.

Luka Samanic, who won't turn 16 until September, measured a whopping 6'9 without shoes, with an average 6'10 wingspan, but his 33.5 inch maximum vertical leap is terrific for a European forward regardless of age. A strong athlete with a budding skill level who can shoot the ball with some range and attack off the bounce a bit, Samanic is an exceptionally sized wing player with a very bright future.

Paul Eboua, a 16 year old small forward from Cameroon currenting playing with Stellazzurra Academy in Italy measured a pretty impressive 6'6.5 in shoes, but his 7'2.5 wingspan is among the longest in our database all-time for a player standing under 6'7. The freakishly long, fairly athletic wing has made noticeable strides as a shooter from when we saw him only a few months ago at the Jordan Brand Classic International game and practices.

A fluid wing with an improving jumpshot at 6'7 in shoes with a 6'11 wingspan, Serbian youngest Dalibor Ilic is another intruiring wing with a bright future. Possessing intriguing versatility, Ilic spent the season at the junior level in his native Bosnia.

Standing 6'9.75 in shoes with a 6'10 wingspan, Oton Jankovic doesn't have great length or strength at just 194 pounds, but he has good size for a wing already and his fluidity, toughness, defensive acumen, and ability to use his body around the rim for his are impressive for his age. Playing for Cibona Zagreb, Jankovic has made a nice name for himself this spring here, and at the JBC.

Massive French center Youssoufa Fall didn't participate in the athletic testing portion of the Eurocamp, but his measurements were just as impressive as expected. Officially measured at 7'3.75 in shoes at 275 pounds with a 7'6.5 wingspan, Fall is one of the largest players in our database all-time. His 9'9 standing reach now stands as the top mark we've ever come across. Fall was forced to sit out most of the camp after a painful toe injury he suffered early on in the camp and reaggravated using the camp-issued footgear.

-Even so, Fall wasn't the tallest player in attendance in Treviso this year. Slovakian center Michael Fusek, who has spent much of his career in Belgium, measured 7'4.75 in shoes, albeit with a 7'5 wingspan and a very frail 222-pound frame. Fusek is the second tallest player in our database all-time behind only Shawn Bradley.

-Spanish guard Dario Brizuela posted the best maximum vertical leap, edging fellow point guards David Michineau and Danilo Fuzaro who came within an inch of his 36 inch effort. Brizuela certainly helped himself, proving to be one of the most creative guards in attendance. He tossed up a number of highlight reel caliber alleyoops to countryman Oriol Pauli, and was clearly one of the most entertaining players in Treviso.

-French wing Kevin Harley turned in perhaps the most complete performance of any player in attendance here in the athletic testing portion of the camp. The 6'6.5 small forward ranked well above average in the vertical, agility, and straight line speed testing. He traded narrow victories with Brazilian point guard Deryk Ramos in the ¾ court sprint and the 4-way agility drill. Both players jumped well too.

Top Marks
Pro ¾ Court Sprint: Deryk Ramos 3.13
Pro 4-Way Agility: Kevin Harley 10.91
Reaction Shuttle: Kevan Siparhi 2.81
Standing Vertical Leap: Deryk Ramos, Benjamin Sene, Romaric Belemene 30.0
Maximum Vertical Leap: Dario Brizuela 36.0

More Camp Notes
-David Michineau wrapped up a solid showing at the adidas EuroCamp with a strong outing in the final game of the weekend. He measured a solid 6'2 1/2 without shoes in Treviso, giving him excellent size for a point guard to go along with a strong 192 pound frame, even if his fairly short 6'5 wingspan may relegate him to defending mostly point guards at the highest levels.

Michineau's athleticism stood out from the first morning of drills, as his ability to change speeds and get to another gear in the open court put him on a different level than most of the guards in attendance. When fully dialed in, he's also an outstanding defender, capable of moving his feet exceptionally well and staying in front of almost anyone he encouters. Unfortunately he has somewhat of a laid back attitude that relegated him to the background at times here in Treviso, after coming out of the gates with a very high intensity level.

Michineau's jumper is clearly a work in progress judging by his unwillingness to take too many outside shots here in Treviso, and his career 28% accuracy from beyond the arc, but he did show some surprising potential in the morning drills. He knocked down a very high percentage of his catch and shoot jumpers from beyond the NBA line, demonstrating good form in the process, as it's been clear he's been working on this part of his game in his free time. This still hasn't quite translated to game settings yet, but it may be something he can continue to work on as his career progresses.

Michineau will likely garner some interest from teams picking in the late second round, particularly those with multiple draft picks looking to stash a player in Europe in the near future. Even if he doesn't get drafted, he's the type of player a team could elect to look more closely at in summer league.

-Bosnian big man Kenan Karahodzic posted very solid measurements in Treviso for a power forward, at 6'9 1/2 without shoes, with a 7'1 wingspan and a 230 pound frame that will likely continue to add weight with time.

He proved to be one of the most skilled big men at the camp, with a gorgeous shooting stroke that he can use to knock down jumpers from anywhere on the floor. Karahodzic's footwork and body control are exceptional for a player his size, as he can come off screens and make shots on the move the way most guards can only dream of, which also being highly capable of putting the ball on the floor. He can handle the ball in transition and attack his man in the half-court as well, sometimes to find the open man in drive and dish situations. Offensively, it's difficult to find players his size who are as versatile and instinctive about putting the ball in the basket as Karahodzic is.

On the downside, Karahodzic plays the game with very little emotion, seemingly looking like he's just going through the motions too often, particularly on the defensive end. His expression never changes and his intensity level is very low generally, which is reflected in the poor rebounding numbers he's posted at every level.

At times during the camp you wondered how a player as skillful as Karahodzic could still be stuck coming off the bench more often than not for a bad team in the Spanish third division, but there were enough hints here in Treviso to help suggest why. Thankfully for Karahodzic, he has a world of talent at his disposal and should know exactly what it will take for him to reach his full potential as a basketball player.

-Despite lacking elite length (6' 7” wingspan), Partizan two-guard Vanja Marinkovic measured 6' 6.5” in shoes with a proportionate 196-pound frame, solid for a 19-year-old two-guard prospect. Marinnkovic plays with a level of maturity and poise beyond his years, and shows potential as a perimeter shooter despite finishing the year shooting 27.6% from beyond the arc. He gets excellent rotation on the ball and is capable of knocking down one or two dribble pull-ups as well. The ball doesn't always come out cleanly and he can be a little bit slow getting into his release, but the touch is there for him to become a reliable shooter in time both on the move and while set.

There isn't a whole lot to Marinkovic's game in terms of shot creation and wiggle with the ball. He's more fluid than explosive and could add a bit more craft as a slasher and finisher, evident by his career 41% 2-point percentage. He also doesn't have a ton of defensive potential given his average length and good not great athleticism, but the fact that Marinkovic is already playing legitimate minutes for Partizan at age 19 is very impressive. He really knows how to play and is by all accounts a good teammate who plays with a strong IQ on the defensive end. Marinkovic will have to be come a more consistent shooter to open up the rest of his game, but there's a lot to like about his maturity, demeanor, size, shooting potential and feel for the game.

-Vlatko Cancar is an intriguing prospect to track given his combination of size, length, and frame, along with his simple, yet effective, offensive approach. At 6' 8” in shoes with a 6' 11” wingspan, a 9' 0” standing reach, wide shoulders, and strong legs, the 19-year-old Slovenian has a nice physical profile for a combo forward. While he's not all that athletic in terms of vertical explosiveness and burst, he has solid lateral quickness and moves fluidly.

Coming off of a strong season in the Slovenian League, Cancar didn't have a huge Eurocamp in terms of production, but he showed that he has a projectable skill set for a role player. Most of Cancar's offensive game centers around his jumper, which displays soft touch and sound shooting mechanics out to the 3-point line, where he shot over 40% last season, even if the trajectory is a bit flat. The Koper-Cadistria native possesses a strong feel for the game and rarely plays outside of himself. He can attack a closeout with some fluidity, although he doesn't have much off the dribble game at this stage. Cancar lacks the elite burst to beat wings off the dribble, and can be a bit passive in his approach. He'll also have to continue to develop more ways to finish over length at the rim given his average explosiveness.

Defensively, Cancar has some tools to work with. He's long and has solid feet in spurts, but when out on an island he struggles a bit to keep quicker wings in front. His offensive passivity also translates to the defensive end at times, where he's not overly physical and could use a bit more toughness on the glass. Cancar has some limitations, but at 19 years old, his physical tools along with his shooting and role player potential make him worth following as he continues to progress within the Olimpija Ljubljana system.

-19-year-old German center Leon Kratzer put together a solid camp, while also measuring 6' 10.75”in shoes with a strong 249 pound-frame topped off by a 7' 2” wingspan and 9' 1.5” standing reach, very sufficient measurements for a center prospect. There isn't a whole lot of flash to Kratzer's game but he's very effective.

The Bamberg product is a big-time rebounder who uses his physicality to carve out space inside the paint both on the offensive and defensive glass. He displays an above average compete level and good instincts pursuing the ball off the rim, using his mobility to chase down rebounds outside of his area. He's able to use his developed frame to finish through contact and body up as a post defender.

All in all, Kratzer is fairly limited as a scorer and defender, as he doesn't have great touch or court vision, and is an average athlete in terms of lateral quickness and leaping ability, preventing him from bringing much to the table as a finisher and rim protector. With that said, Kratzer does a great job of staying in his lane and sticking to his strengths to add value. His upside is a bit limited by some of his shortcomings, but with the Bayreuth native is worth keeping an eye on as an energy rebounder who has the strength and length to impact the game.

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