2011 McDonald's High School All-American Dunk Contest Videos

2011 McDonald's High School All-American Dunk Contest Videos
Apr 01, 2011, 02:33 pm
Once again we were on hand at the 2011 McDonald's High School All-American Slam Dunk Contest in Chicago to witness future NBA draft picks and college stars showcasing their finest dunks. Enjoy our exclusive DX-Mo slow motion video technology.

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LeBryan Nash was the winner of the event over Duke commit, Marshall Plumlee. Scoring controversies were abundant so we decided to just post a dunk by dunk look at the action.

We'll start off with LeBryan Nash's contest winning dunk.

LeBryan Nash wears an outrageous, gigantic orange cowboy hat in honor of his future college Oklahoma State University as he runs down the lane and catches the ball off of a bounce from a teammate and then throws down a windmill.

Here is Nash's other dunk in the final round...

LeBryan Nash takes off, jumps over his West squad teammate and then jams the ball into the hoop hard with his right hand.

Marshall Plumlee's two final round dunks looked like this...

Marshall Plumlee cuffs the ball in his right hand as he runs and jumps out in front of the hoop with his body sideways and rotates his arm and dunks it all while keeping his left hand on his head in a pose.

Marshall Plumlee takes the ball in one hand and jumps while moving his arm up and under before dunking it on the reverse side of the basket.

Plumlee was joined by fellow Duke commit Austin Rivers in the contest.

Austin Rivers tosses the ball to himself from the corner of the court and behind the backboard and then catches it off the bounce before going around-the-world with it in his hands and slamming it with his right hand.

Austin Rivers wears his Dad's Atlanta Hawks jersey for some showmanship points and then shoots the ball from behind the 3-point line, catches it off of the bounce and does a windmill dunk.

Austin Rivers starts from behind the backboard and only takes a few quick steps before jumping two-footed and windmill slamming it home.

P.J. Hairston was the fourth finalist of the group.

P.J. Hairston tosses the rock to himself from behind the arc and then catches it and one-hand windmills it home for the slam.

P.J. Hairston grabs the ball off of the bounce and then clutches before reverse dunking.

P.J. Hairston shoots it from behind the 3-point line and then catches it one-handed off the bounce before doing a 360 dunk.

Future Michigan State Spartan Branden Dawson was in the contest but did not advance to the final round.

Branden Dawson tosses it to himself from behind the arc and then catches it off of the bounce, grabs it two-handed before giving a slight windmill and dunking with both hands.

Branden Dawson quickly shoots it from behind the 3-point line and then catches it on the bounce and dunks it one-handed just before his time expires.

Fellow Big Ten commit (Ohio State) Amir Williams showed his stuff in the first round.

Amir Williams starts from behind the arc, runs into the lane and jumps off two feet before doing a 360 spin and stuffing the ball with two hands.

Canadian Khem Birch was the final contestant.

Khem Birch runs behind Michael Gilchrist who passes the ball off the side of the backboard before Khem catches it in both hands and then slams it home.

And one last LeBryan Nash dunk for good measure...

LeBryan Nash cuffs the ball in his right hand before taking off and bringing the ball up high and then swinging his arm through an arcing windmill and slamming it home.

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