2010 McDonald's High School All-American Dunk Contest Videos

2010 McDonald's High School All-American Dunk Contest Videos
Apr 02, 2010, 01:30 am
We were on hand in Columbus, Ohio to once again witness some of the best athletes in high school basketball, and potential future NBA draft picks, at the 2010 McDonald's High School All-American Dunk Contest. This was another chance to try out our exclusive DX-Mo video technology.

Check out how things looked last year in Miami.

Going into the event, many felt that high-flyers such as Perry Jones and C.J. Leslie had the best chance of coming away with the trophy, but ultimately it was two little guys that stole the show. Josh Selby showed why he’s one of the most coveted players in college basketball by coming out on top of this contest, narrowly edging out crowd-favorite Ray McCallum, who put on quite a show in his own right.

Here’s a dunk by dunk look at the action.

The maximum score for each dunk was a 70

First Round Dunks

Tristan Thompson

Thompson started things off by catching the ball off the bounce for the reverse, earning him a 58 score.

Thompson proceeded by throwing the ball to himself off of the backboard and then reverse dunking, good for a 56.

Josh Selby

It was Selby’s turn after that, and he started by lobbing the ball from behind the free throw line and then catching it for a 360 two-handed slam, earning him a 63.

For his second dunk, Selby again bounced the ball off the floor, but this time opted to finish with the windmill, good for a 62 score.

Ray McCallum

Things really started getting interesting here, as McCallum used the element of surprise to begin to take the contest to a totally different level. For his first dunk, he passed the ball to himself perfectly--like only a point guard could--caught it off the bounce before bringing it way all the way down between his legs, and then two-hand reverse slammed it home. The dunk earned a 68.

McCallum’s second dunk was another pass to himself for a spinning two-handed throw-down, good for a score of 69.

Jereme Richmond

Illinois commit Jereme Richmond got things started with a sweet two-handed tomahawk jam. The judges awarded him a 64 for his effort.

For his next dunk, he went with the windmill, which earned him a 60.

Perry Jones

Perry Jones was up next, and he showed exactly why he’s considered one of the best athletes in this class, despite standing 6-11. He opted to throw the ball off the bottom bumper of the glass and do a 360 windmill, earning him a shockingly low score of 62.

Jones’ next dunk was a full 360 with a one-handed extension slam, earning him a 69.

Patric Young

Fellow big man Patric Young—committed to Florida—followed him up, bringing a new degree of power to the contest, first with this pass off the side of the backboard from McCallum. It earned him a 62.

His second dunk was even more impressive, as he came flying in from out of bounds, hung in the air for a while and then threw the ball in from the other side of the rim with tremendous power. The dunk was awarded a 69.

C.J. Leslie

C.J. Leslie finished this round off struggling to get off the dunk he wanted, eventually being forced to throw the ball in somewhat half-heartedly, clearly not looking very pleased with the result afterward. The judges weren’t too impressed either, awarding him a 56 for his effort.

Final Round

With half the field--C.J. Leslie, Jereme Richmond, Tristan Thompson and Joe Jackson—eliminated, four players moved onto the final round.

Patric Young

Young struggled to get off the dunk he wanted and was forced to just finish in simple fashion to try and take any points he could get to start off with. The judges gave him a 56.

Young’s second dunk was far more impressive. He capped it off by reminding the local Buckeye fans of days they would like to forget, giving them the old “Gator chomp,” which drew quite a few boos in turn.

Josh Selby

Josh Selby brought the heat in a major way with his next dunk, throwing the ball in the air, catching it and bringing it between his legs with perfect timing in impressive fashion. The judges gave him a perfect score.

He opted for a more conservative 360 after that, which ended up paying off for him.

Perry Jones

After missing some very interesting attempts on the baseline, including a between the legs reverse slam, Jones decided to quickly throw down a one-handed jam for the points. The judges gave him a 56.

For his second dunk, he shows off his terrific leaping ability with a two-handed windmill, good for a 63.

Ray McCallum

McCallum tried in vain to pull off a superb between the legs dunk that would have brought the house down, narrowly missing a few times before settling for this one instead, a 180 double clutch two-handed slam, which got him a 57.

McCallum’s second dunk of the finals earned him a perfect 70, after passing the ball to himself, catching it mid-air and switching hands before windmilling it home.

The winner of the contest ended up being Josh Selby.

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