RCSI: 50 (2012)
Height: 6'8" (203 cm)
Weight: 221 lbs (100 kg)
Position: PF
High School: United Faith Christian Academy (North Carolina)
Hometown: Istmina, Colombia
College: ETSU
Current Team: Tinguiririca
Win - Loss: 1 - 5


2011 National Prep Showcase: Elite 2012 Prospects

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Joseph Treutlein
Joseph Treutlein
Nov 23, 2011, 11:56 am
Joe Treutlein

Not much has changed for Hanner Perea (#47 ESPN, #31 Scout, #16 Rivals) since the last time we saw him, as he remains largely the same player on the court and hasn't moved noticeably in the rankings of recruiting services. A truly unbelievable athlete with equally impressive length, Perea still remains largely unpolished while showing an inconsistent motor and awareness, something that was on display in the two games he played this weekend.

Where Perea is most dangerous is areas he can rely almost solely on his physical tools, namely shot blocking, rebounding, and finishing around the basket.

Perea's vertical leap is nothing short of breathtaking, especially when combined with his superb length, and this makes him very potent as a finisher on cuts, pick-and-rolls, and transition finishes. On the down side, however, Perea's hands and touch look questionable at times, as he can struggle pulling in passes and rebounds when using one hand and isn't the best finesse finisher, two things he'll need to work on given his skill set.

Perea doesn't show much else at this stage on the offensive end, though he did knock down a spot-up 12-foot jumper in one game, which he showed passable form on. Developing a consistent and respectable mid-range jumper would certainly be helpful for him in the long term to keep defenses honest and add some versatility to his game. At this stage, it appears to be the one skill he's closest to developing, as his post and face-up games are mostly non-existent.

On the defensive end, Perea is capable of making outstanding impact plays, having such great length that he can block shots in the lane without leaving his feet and having such great range with his length and leaping ability that he can track down rebounds all over the floor. When Perea uses his motor to put these traits to use, he can overcome his still developing awareness and fundamentals to be a useful player on this end of the court, but unfortunately there are times when he isn't playing to the best of his abilities. Considering his average feel for the game and poor skill-level, this is a major knock against him and something he must focus on improving as much as possible if he's to reach his full potential.

Looking forward, Perea hasn't shown much of a learning curve in the 14 months we've been following him, but it's obviously still early in his career and there's plenty of time for him to make improvements. His absurd physical gifts alone are a reason to keep an eye on him throughout his time in college, where hopefully his skill-level and production will start catching up to his physical tools.

2010 National Prep Showcase: Elite 2012 Prospects

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Joseph Treutlein
Joseph Treutlein
Nov 24, 2010, 04:58 pm
Jonathan Givony

Just a few months after evaluating him for the first time at the adidas National Experience in Chicago, there really isn't very much new info to add to Hanner Perea's (#21 Scout, #10 Rivals, #42 ESPN) scouting report.

Perea is still the same freakishly athletic forward with a great body and arms down to his knees. His skill level and fundamentals remain poor, though, as he struggled make his presence felt in both games we saw and really didn't produce like you would expect from such a highly touted prospect at this level of competition.

Offensively, Perea is very limited, as if he doesn't get the ball in the immediate vicinity of the basket, he has major problems scoring. He lacks the post moves to take advantage of his strength around the paint, possesses little in the ways of a jump-shot, and is only really able to put the ball on the floor in a straight line when attacking the basket from the perimeter.

Perea's feel for the game is clearly underdeveloped at the moment, and he'll need to learn how to use his athleticism to impact games better than he can right now. He got lost in many of his team's half-court sets and struggled to do much of anything outside of transition plays. Defensively, he wasn't as much of a factor as he should have been, biting on pump-fakes, getting into foul trouble, and not rebounding quite as well as you might hope. While Perea's long-term potential remains very high due to his excellent physical tools, he'll have to work very hard over the next few years to avoid the dreaded “just an athlete” label.

adidas Nations Experience: Top Latin American Prospects

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Sep 07, 2010, 06:25 pm
Colombian-born combo forward Hanner Perea was one of the more physically impressive players in attendance here. Based in North Carolina, Perea is already drawing quite a bit of hype from the high school recruiting services, which is understandable considering the upside he shows.

A legit 6-7, with long arms and a chiseled frame, Perea already sports an NBA body despite going into just his junior year of high school. He's an exceptional athlete, cramming home a number of incredibly impressive putback dunks off the offensive glass over the course of the week. He has an outstanding vertical leap and is able to get off his feet very quickly. Perea has an incredible second and third bounce as well, which is what makes him such an effective offensive rebounder. The coaching staff designed a number of lob plays for him in their half-court offense as well as on in-bounds plays.

The rest of Perea's offensive game is still very much a work in progress. He does not possess a high skill level and seems to have just an average feel for the game at the moment. He's able to post up somewhat effectively, but he is not much of a ball-handler or perimeter shooter, which stops him from making the full transition to playing on the wing at the moment. He relies too heavily on his physical attributes to get the job done, which is understandable but won't work nearly as effectively at the college level, particularly if he's to reach his full potential as a small forward prospect.

Defensively, Perea can guard the 3 and the 4 spots, and probably the 5 and the 2 as well if you asked him to. He has the strength to deal with big men and the quickness to match up on the perimeter. He lacks much in the way of awareness, fundamentals and experience at the moment, though, which is not a surprise considering his age.

Perea is obviously a guy to keep an eye on over the next few years to see how he's progressing from a skills standpoint. If his perimeter game starts to catch up with his athleticism, he could develop into an outstanding prospect.

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