Brevin Knight

Drafted #16 in the 1997 NBA Draft by the Cavaliers
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight: 172 lbs (78 kg)
Position: PG
High School: Seton Hall Preparatory School (New Jersey)
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
College: Stanford
Current Team: Stanford
Win - Loss: 0 - 1


NBA Scouting Reports, Northwest Division (Part Two)

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Aug 29, 2008, 10:02 pm
Overview: A veteran distributor who doesn’t score but can still be an asset to many teams. Extremely undersized for an NBA point guard. Has good quickness, even at this point in his career, but doesn’t use it to get by defenders as much as he once did. Doesn’t have great vertical explosiveness. Lacks durability. Runs a team as well as any player in the League. Has a high basketball IQ, Knows how to make him teammates better. Can create offense for others. Doesn’t do much scoring, but can hit some shots inside the arc. Not efficient at all, though. The ultimate facilitator. Plays great defense. Has been essentially the same type of player since his days at Stanford. Capable of providing steady minutes off the bench, but is still a limited player due to his shortcomings. Puts a lot of pressure on his teammates with how little a threat he is to score the ball. Teams regularly double off him, and go underneath every screen, daring him to shoot. Has been on the decline for the past few seasons now, but still makes a good mentor. Provides a nice locker room presence. Brother of Brandin Knight who currently acts as the Director of Basketball Operations for the Pittsburgh University Panthers men’s basketball team.

Offense: Gets two fifths of his offense in pick and roll situations with fast breaks and spot ups accounting for another fifth each. Does most of his damage as a distributor, not a scorer. Really knows how to set the table for his teammates. Tremendous passer. Can thread the needle on post entry passes and drive and dishes alike. Runs the pick and roll extremely well. Far from turnover prone. Will only lose the ball if he dribbles into trouble, which he seldom does. Reads the game extremely well. Great ball handler. Not flashy, but he gets the job done. Poor shooter. Not a threat from three point range. Almost never gets to the free throw line. Won’t finish at the rim at a high rate due to his lack of size and vertical explosiveness.

Defense: A savvy veteran point guard with a penchant for pressuring the ball. Limited due to his lack of size, but tries to make up for it with his effort. Hawks the ball as well as any player his age in the League. Still displays great lateral quickness and end to end speed. Knows how to defend players who handle the ball well. Great on the ball. Very fast hands. Reacts to mistakes well. Will create turnovers by being in the right place at the right time. Will chase down long rebounds. Will get posted up from time to time. May not have the size to defend taller point guards, but will make them work to bring the ball up the floor to compensate. Good in help side as well.

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