Welcome to the New and Improved DraftExpress!

Welcome to the New and Improved DraftExpress!
Feb 19, 2007, 03:31 am
As you may have noticed, DraftExpress completed an extraordinary upgrade this past weekend, completely revamping the layout and design of the site while adding some new features that will significantly enhance your surfing experience. With that said, we’d like to familiarize you with a handful of our new features and encourage you to spend some time exploring them and providing us with feedback to further improve your experience.

New Features

-Advanced NCAA Statistics:

The main page of our brand-new NCAA statistics can be found here.

Want to make a case for who the most efficient scorer is in the NCAA?

Interested in knowing who leads the NCAA in rebounds per 40-minutes?

Do you think you know who is the most prolific 3-point shooter in the 2007 draft?

Do you have any idea how the top prospects in the country stack up in PER?

It can all be accessed through the stats tab on our menu bar, as you can see in the screen shot above.

Make sure to browse through the many different categories of advanced statistics you can find, all of which are sortable to help you find exactly the type of information you might be looking for, or just help you learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of well known or under the radar prospect.

As you can see on the next pull-down, stats can also be sorted by game averages, season totals, normalized per-40 minutes, or normalized to the NCAA’s average tempo, which helps control the outcomes of players who play for very up-tempo teams compared to those who play at a slower pace. For example, Roy Hibbert’s Georgetown Hoyas only average 69.1 possessions per game, which might make his stats look a little less impressive than someone from North Carolina, who average 88.7 possessions per game.

Something that is important is to keep an eye on the set of players you are including or excluding from your sample size. The default is the “DX Database,” meaning the 526 players (minus any internationals or high school players) that have profiles on this site are considered NBA draft prospects.

You can also decide only to include those 30 players (minus internationals) that are currently ranked in the first round of our 2007 mock draft, or both the first and second round. This option exists for the 2008 draft as well. Another parameter is “qualified players,” those who played a certain amount of minutes—in order to eliminate the anomalies created by players who have not created a large enough sample size of stats to properly compare them to others. “All Players” allows you to look at the entire NCAA.
The last option, “My Players,” compiles only the players you have decided to track via the MyDraftExpress feature. In order to use this, you must register for a username on the site. If you haven’t registered already, this might be a good time to, since there are a few other features you might enjoy and many more coming in the near future. The most notable of those features would be the My Mock Draft, which allows you to create and maintain your own 2007 or 2008 mock draft, and share them with whoever you want.

Statistics exist not just for this year, but also for years past. For example, you can look at the PER Rankings for 2003-2004, which show you that Jameer Nelson and Kevin Martin probably should have been considered as more highly regarded prospects than where they ended up being drafted would indicate. Check out the pull-down bar on the very left to explore further, and make sure you are including all “qualified players,” not just those in our current 2007 (and beyond) database.

Lastly, you can also use our database to look up advanced statistics by individual NCAA teams, to see how various players stack up on an NCAA team’s roster. You’ll see a pull-down menu there, organized alphabetically. We’ll soon organize that page even better, likely by conference.

For a full explanation on all the formulas used on this page, as well as who deserves credit where credit is due, check out our glossary, which is located right next to the Team Statistics. Send us any feedback for things that aren’t clear regarding the Stats section, and we’ll do our best to explain them there.

-Comprehensive Draft History Section

Underneath the “NBA Mock Drafts” tab on our menu, you’ll find the most complete draft history section on the internet. You can organize the view by year, draft pick (e.g. only #1 picks),or team (e.g. only Miami Heat selections). For even more depth, try “Complex Mode”

-Category Subsections

In order to better organize our content and make things easier for you, the user, to find, we’ve created a number of subsections where content will be divided and sent to according to categories. For example the International section will have all of our latest articles, blog entries, rankings, and more pertaining just to International basketball. The same goes for our NCAA, NBA, D-League, and soon to be created High School section.

What’s Next?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As soon as we catch our breath and fix any bugs we’re finding along the ways (and if you find some, please do let us know), we’ll be adding many new features and expanding on those that already exist.

We're also very much open for suggestions regarding how we can make the site better as far as you're concerned. So don't be shy

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