USA Basketball U17 and U18 Measurements Released

USA Basketball U17 and U18 Measurements Released
Jul 07, 2016, 11:31 am
The measurements taken by USA Basketball at the U17 and U18 trials were released today. To view the measurements, click here.

Notable Measurements
-Texas's Jarrett Allen has twice measured right around 6'10.75 with a 225-pound frame and 7'5.5 wingspan in recent months. His frame has a way to go, but his dimensions are ideal for a center prospect. The same can be said for fellow 2016 Texas signee James Banks, who measured 6'10.5 in shoes with a 7'5.25 wingspan and a 242-pound frame. Shaka Smart will have no shortage of big bodies to throw at opposing front lines this fall.

-Markelle Fultz measured 6'4.75 in shoes at the Nike Hoop Summit in April, but only 6'3.5 here, nonetheless his wingspan was 6'9.75, up from 6'9 before as his true size falls somewhere in between and is elite for a point guard regardless.

-Miles Bridges measured 6'6.25 in shoes with a 6'8.75 wingspan and 226-pound frame. Bridges has a college ready build and great explosiveness, but lacks a degree of length for a small forward.

-Top 2017 small forward Michael Porter measured 6'10 in shoes with an improved 212-pound frame and 7'0.5 wingspan. One of the top prospects for the 2018 NBA draft, Porter's continued development physically is only going to help ease his transition to the college game.

-2017 prospect Mohamed Bamba measured 6'11.5 in shoes with a still skinny 207-pound frame that he's added a little over 10 pounds to since last spring. His wingspan and standing reach came in at a spectacular 7'9 and 9'6 respectively. Bamba needs to continue getting stronger, but has perhaps the most unique physical profile of any prospect in the high school game at this point.

-2017 power forwards Austin Wiley and Wendall Carter both tipped the scales right around 6'9, 250 pounds with winspans near 7'4. Both players are over a year away from their collegiate debuts but more than look the part of a college standout at this point. Brandon McCoy also has an impressive 244 pound frame at 6'11 in shoes, but his 7'0 wingspan isn't particularly impressive.

-2017 wing Kevin Knox has grown considerably from last summer measuring 6'8.5 in shoes with a 203-pound frame and a 6'11 wingspan. A very capable rebounder and slasher, it will be interesting to see how his measurements look on the All-Star circuit next summer given his growth from last year.
-2018 standout Romeo Langord measured 6'6 in shoes with a 195-pound frame and a 6'10 wingspan. These are the first official numbers we've received on Langford, though he measured just as expected. He isn't freakishly long, but has prototypical size for a skilled scoring wing.

-Fellow 2018 wing, Cameron Reddish measured 6'7 in shoes with a 199-pound frame and a 7'0 wingspan. A player we already have 5 sets of numbers for spanning 3 years, Reddish continues to grow into his billing as a top small prospect from a physical and skill set standpoint.

-Nazreon Reid measured 6'9 in shoes with a 7'2 wingspan and a 240-pound frame he's added significant weight to since last summer. Reid is just 16 years old, but looks the part of a college big man already.

-Javonte Smart measured 6'4.5 in shoes with a 6'7 wingspan and a 190-pound frame. The big point guard has gained over 10 pounds in the last year.

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