Rocky Mountain Revue: Day Two

Rocky Mountain Revue: Day Two
Jul 16, 2006, 01:02 pm
All the box-scores and recaps can be found at the official website of the Rocky Mountain Revue

San Antonio Spurs 73 Seattle Sonics 70


Yotam Halperin- played a much better game today. He connected on catch-and-shoot plays on several deep jumpers with a beautiful stroke, a 20 footer and two 3-point shots. Defensively he still had some problems with the speed of Dean and Watson, fouling them often. On a couple occasions even when beat he hustled back into the play. He also showed an ability to drive the ball into the paint and finish.

Saer Sene- Started out poorly picking up 2 fouls in a minute and half. But fought back in the 2nd quarter with a couple of emphatic blocks that lead to improved effort on the offensive end and in rebounding. He did well in the post against Mahinmi including a couple of baby hooks over his left shoulder. Sene showed poor hands in traffic for the entire day, losing two passes. Though listed with 2 blocks, I counted at least 4 blocks as he helped to control the paint. Currently Sene cannot deal with physical play that happens in the paint. For some reason the Spurs weren't very physical with Sene and he responded with an above average game.

Andre Emmett-Had an excellent game scoring 21 points. Most of his damage was done in the post where he overpowered the Spurs defenders. He also put in an excellent effort on the boards.

Noel Felix- continued his strong play but didn't shoot as well from the outside. He also showed some basic post moves.


Ian Mahinmi- displayed an excellent understanding of court awareness on both the offensive and defensive end. Several times rotated, cut and paused to be in the right place at the right time to receive the ball and go to the hoop or intimidate a shot. He doesn't have the strength to power the ball in to the hoop through the foul, but he should be able to more muscle to his frame. His jumper is poor and his ball handling skills are good for one of two dribbles at most. Ian showed excellent agility on a fastbreak by deftly avoiding a charge, sidestepping the defender and laying the ball in.

Taqaun Dean- continues to play good defense, pass well in the open court and on fast breaks, but struggles in the half court sets. Missing several open jumpers and layups.

CJ Watson- made a couple excellent passes and had a steady game. He needs to improve his ability to finish in the paint to make a case of an NBA point guard.

Melvin Saunders- played another good game. He doesn't do anything flashy, he just get to the right spot and a little move he makes gets him open enough for his solid jumper or a nice play at the rim.

Dallas Mavericks 94 Atlanta Hawks 93


Marvin Williams- was aggressive again tonight and went an impressive 15 for 15 from the free throw line. He ended up with 25 points by driving the hoop, pushing the ball in transition and staying aggressive for the whole game. The crowd still booed him every time he touched the ball and cheered whenever a call went against Marvin. He had a little trouble dealing with Rawle Marshall's speed at first but he adjusted and played excellent defense for most of the game. Marvin's ball handling and athleticism have made it almost impossible for defenders to stay in front of him without fouling.

Salim Stoudamire -had a fairly cool first 3 quarters and had some trouble guarding Jose Juan Barea, but in the 4th quarter erupted. He hit several contested step back jumpers, drove the lane effectively and knocked down a catch and shoot 3 pointer to help send the game to overtime. In overtime Stoudimare remained the primary scoring option and delivered on several occasions. On the final play of the game he drove the lane and passed to John Edwards who missed the potential game-winning 8 foot jumper.

Solomon Jones -hustled and blocked a few shots but his was saddled with foul trouble all night long.

Shelden Williams- played better today, but after yesterday's performance that wasn't hard. He grabbed some tough rebounds and hit a couple of 18 jumper shots. But around the hoop Shelden isn't a defensive force and can't seem to stay on the floor, picking up 7 fouls in 17 minutes of play.


Maurice Ager-Played tonight and did very well in stretches. He shot poorly from the field and from the 3 point line so he began to attack the hoop. He used his excellent first step to get into the paint and draw fouls. In the 4th quarter he attempted to slow down a hot Stoudamire, but he only succeeded in making Salim work harder.

Rawle Marshall-continued his good play tonight, scoring 17 points on some jumpers, a couple of flip shots and by earning trips to the free throw line. His ball handling skills don't hold up under hard pressure but he managed to slice between defender and draw fouls.

Kevin Pittsnogle- struggled in the first half with his shooting and doesn't provide much else. In both halves when in the game the Hawks took advantage of the poor defense. In the second half he benefited from some great passes by Barea and scored 11 points with 2 3-pointers. Kevin hasn't put in the work to strengthen his body or his defensive ability and is completely reliant on his jumper.

Jose Juan Barea-in the surprise of the night, steps in and plays 26 minutes, scoring 20 points and dishing out 8 assists. Barea showed some excellent passing skills and court awareness passing the ball ahead of the defense to open teammates. None of the Hawks were able to keep him out of the paint. He either finished using a variety bank shots and flip shots or made on target passes to shooters in scoring position. Once or twice his size hurt him on the defensive end but Barea did an excellent job staying in front of him man and fighting through screens.

Philadelphia 76ers 81 Utah Jazz 74


Rodney Carney DNP and had an ice wrap on his left leg.
Bobby Jones DNP and had an ice wrap on his right leg.
Shavlik Randloph was not on the bench.
This left the 76ers with only 9 dressed players.

Louis Williams- had a good game with 27 points. Though he shot a poor percentage from the field, he earned his way to the free throw where he went 14/15. Louis still looks for his own shot and played as a 2 guard for most the game. Defensively he struggled guarding Ronnie Brewer and CJ Miles who both attacked Louis off the dribble effectively.

Steven Smith- played an excellent game scoring 23 points to go with 4 rebounds and 3 steals. Steven still has a tendency to wave everyone off and try to isolate on his man. This usually ends in a forced shot that misses badly. However once Steven let his shots come in the flow of the offense he did a lot of damage from all angles. He showed a decent right hook shot, the ability to drive to the basket and a good stroke on the catch and shoot. Defensive he worked hard and stole 3 hanging passes.

Ivan McFarlin- scored 12 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. Ivan doesn't have a pretty jumper or a good crossover but he did all the dirty work on the boards, rotating defensively and going after the loose balls to get this surprising win.

Marshall Strickland-only scored 2 points and only had 2 assists. But he did play incredible on the ball defense. For the 2nd game in a row Strickland spearhead the defensive pressure that has led to two 76er victories over more talented teams. Marshall has two NBA qualities right now, his defense and his ball handling. He is a consistent jumper away from being a solid backup point.


Deron Williams- after yesterday's dominate performance, Deron picked up two quick fouls( a charge and a reach on Louis Williams) and had to come out after a couple of minutes of play. Deron managed 14 points as he directed the Jazz offense, but the excellent Philly defense disrupted it and led to his 4 turnovers. Deron's jumper seems to have improved over last year with a high release and beautiful rotation. He also appeared have slimmed down and toned up.

CJ Miles-continued to build on his game last night, scoring 14 points. CJ used his athleticism well tonight driving to the hoop; scoring, drawing some fouls and just barely missing on some excellent moves. CJ also displayed immaturity on the court by committing four turnovers on some poor passes, a couple of charges and some mishandling of the ball in the open court. On defense, Steven Smith gave him trouble in the post on several occasions. He also lost focus on the defensive end from time to time.

Ronnie Brewer-scored 17 points mainly by attacking the basket. On 3 consecutive possessions he caught the ball on the baseline and blew by Louis Williams for a dunk and two reverse lay-ins. He also played his trademark excellent defense, coming up with 2 steals and a block. In a trend for the Jazz tonight he also had 3 turnovers to the Philly defense.

Paul Millsap-his time was limited tonight by foul trouble but he manage to score 9 points, grab 6 rebounds, block 2 shots and nab 1 steal. Most of Paul's fouls came on help defense as he tried for the block or to take the charge. Paul seems to moving towards a Reggie Evan's type role as defender and rebounder.

Rafael Araujo- had another poor game. He only played 15 minutes with severe foul problems. Hoffa has lots 20 pounds and he showed move mobility and lift on defense and going of rebounds. He attempted to drive on two occasions that lead to charges. He also displayed average hands when some hard passes came at knee level that he was unable to pick up in traffic.

Dee Brown-struggled some with Philly's excellent defense, also turning the ball over 3 times. Overall he played a poor game, though his defense was solid.

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