Post-Lottery Analysis: the Implications

Post-Lottery Analysis: the Implications
May 21, 2008, 03:45 am
With the order of one of the draft now set in stone, we take a look at the implications of the lottery drawing on each of the top 10 picks and what they might mean for the stock of various players in the draft. We also think about which players teams might consider at each individual draft slot.


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Our pick for each individual team is highlighted in bold.

#1- Chicago Bulls

Will Consider: , Derrick Rose

Chicago rejuvenates their entire organization by lucking into the top pick in this year’s draft, and thus the best possible solution for their scoring woes in the post. While they will work out and certainly give Derrick Rose a long hard look, it makes way too much sense to draft Beasley and let him fit right in at the biggest hole in their lineup—the 4. This pick fixes a lot of things for Chicago’s players, front office, local media and fan-base—things don’t look all that bad any more all of a sudden.

Chicago’s pick (then #9) was once on the trading block—in exchange for the right veteran to compliment their rapidly maturing high draft picks. The Bulls are in win-now mode and supposedly didn’t have the patience to wait for a player to develop—do they still feel the same now that they striking gold in the lottery? They will likely field some very intriguing trade offers….Sam Smith would have had a field day if he was still in the mix.

#2- Miami Heat

Will Consider:

A huge sigh of relief from Miami’s front office, which desperately needed either of the top picks to help get the franchise back on track. Although it’s always nice to have your pick of the litter, in certain respects it’s advantageous to have the decision made for you—either Beasley or Rose would be just fine, and no one will question you taking the one that “falls” to there. Considering that Chicago will likely take Beasley, Derrick Rose (who almost certainly would have been Miami’s choice had they received the#1 overall pick) will look great next to Dwyane Wade in the Heat’s backcourt, allowing him to move off the ball and shoulder less offensive responsibilities, while also upgrading their perimeter defense significantly.

If Chicago trades the #1 pick or unexpectedly takes Rose, Miami will be more than happy to “make due” with Michael Beasley.

#3- Minnesota Timberwolves

Will Consider:

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