Moving into Summer Leagues: Undrafted Free Agents, Rosters (UPDATED)

Moving into Summer Leagues: Undrafted Free Agents, Rosters (UPDATED)
Jul 01, 2006, 10:14 pm
DraftExpress will be attending and covering all four summer leagues once again this year. It starts on July 6th in Las Vegas, continues on the 8th in Long Beach, and then moves into Orlando on the 10th and Salt Lake City on the 14th. Pencil us in for our typical comprehensive coverage throughout the month of July.

Compiled here are the known rosters so far, which will be updated with the rest as soon as news becomes available. Also included is a list of undrafted rookie free agents and the summer league teams they will be playing for.

Please let us know about players we missed out on by emailing us using the link at the end of the article.

Undrafted Free Agent Destinations

*Last year, 16 undrafted free agents made an NBA team and stuck till the end of the season.

Summer League Rosters- Destination

Boston Celtics- Las Vegas

Akin Akingbala
Al Jefferson
Allan Ray
Dwayne Jones
Gerald Green
Rajon Rondo
Ryan Gomes
Sebastian Telfair
Wes Wilkinson
Ndudi Ebi
Kevin Hamilton

Charlotte Bobcats- Orlando

Alan Anderson
Alioune Beye
Brett Blizzard
Kevin Burleson
Steve Burtt
Marcus Campbell
D'or Fischer
Lynn Greer
Maurice Hargrow
Ryan Hollins
Sean May
Adam Morrison
James Thomas
Nate Williams
Curtis Withers

Cleveland Cavaliers

Sasha Pavlovic
Daniel Gibson
Shannon Brown
Stevie Graham
Martynas Andriuskevicius
Je'Kel Foster
C.J. Bruton

Dallas Mavericks- Las Vegas

Rawle Marshall
Brian Hopkins
Anthony Grundy
Larry O’Bannon
Jeremiah Davis
Corey Belser
Maurice Ager
Andre Emmitt
Pavel Podkolzin
Antwan Scott
Josh Powell
Bingo Merriex
Pops Mensah-Bonsu
Brad Buckman

*The Mavericks traditionally carry two summer league teams, one for Vegas, and one for the Summer Pro League in Long Beach.

Denver Nuggets- Las Vegas

Alain Koffi
Kelenna Azubuike
Eric Chenowith
Josh Davis
Yakhouba Diawara
Chris Ellis
Jason Ellis
Cheyne Gadson
John Gilchrist
Roman Gonzalez
Mike Hall
Chris Hernandez
Ralphie Holmes
Antoine Hood
Casey Jacobsen
Ricky Sanchez
Tyrell Sledge
Ron Slay

Detroit Pistons- Las Vegas

Amir Johnson
Alex Acker
Jason Maxiell
Frank Williams
Wayne Wallace
Rodney Billups
Will Blalock
Marko Jovanovic
Rashein Wright
Sam Hoskin
Nik Caner-Medley
Cheick Samb

Golden State Warriors- Las Vegas

Will Bynum
Monta Ellis
Ike Diogu
Patrick O’Bryant
Jose Juan Barea
Curtis Stinson
Nick George
Brendan Winters
Steven Smith
Sean Banks
Mo Charlo
Spencer Gloger
Ryan Humphrey
Julian Sensley
Jamaal Williams

Houston Rockets- Las Vegas

Darius Washington
Chuck Hayes
Steve Novak
John Lucas III
Lonny Baxter
Patrick Beilein
Hollis Price
Pat Carroll
Henry Domercant
Chris McCray
Jeremy Richardson
Antwayne Robinson
Matt Freije
Judson Wallace
Mamadou Ndiaye
Matt Haryasz

Indiana Pacers- Orlando

David Harrison
Danny Granger
Shawne Williams
James White
Ricky Minard
Dan Grunfeld
Taylor Coppenrath
Earnest Brown
Sedric Webber

Los Angeles Clippers- Las Vegas

Paul Davis
Guillermo Diaz
Daniel Ewing
Chris Carrawell
Yaroslav Korolev
Shaun Livingston
Terrell Lyday
Scott Merritt
Boniface Ndong
James Singleton
Kibwe Trim
Jawad Williams

Los Angeles Lakers- Long Beach

Jordan Farmar
Andrew Bynum
Nick Horvath
Michael Fey
Devin Green
Von Wafer
Marcus Douthit
Danilo Pinnock
Cedric Bozeman
Sasha Vujacic

Miami Heat- Orlando

Dorell Wright
Wayne Simien
Earl Barron
Kevin Pittsnogle
Mike Gansey
Chris Quinn
Torin Francis
Daniel Horton
Michael Southall
Vincent Grier
Robert Hite
Orien Greene
Eric Hicks

Minnesota Timberwolves- Las Vegas

Wojciech Barycz
JP Batista
Greg Brunner
Tyrone Ellis
Randy Foye
Reece Gaines
Jeremy Kelly
Adam Parada
Ansu Sesay
Paul Shirley
Craig Smith
Bracey Wright
Vincent Yarbrough

New Orleans Hornets

Hilton Armstrong
Cedric Simmons
Kirk Snyder
Brandon Bass
Marcus Fizer
Andrew Betts
Omar Cook
Chris Hernandez
Juan Mendez
Gabe Muoneke
Ezra Williams
Pierre Wooten

New Jersey Nets- Las Vegas

Marcus Williams
Josh Boone
Hassan Adams
Antoine Wright
Eric Williams
David Young
Jerome Beasley
Tamar Slay
Kennedy Winston
Antonio Meeking

New York Knicks- Las Vegas

Channing Frye
David Lee
Nate Robinson
Renaldo Balkman
Mardy Collins
Marco Killingsworth
Kenny Adeleke
Paul Miller
Donnie McGrath
Walker Russell
Olu Famutimi
Brian Greene
Franko Kastropil
Ime Udoka

Orlando Magic- Orlando

Marcin Gortat
J.J. Redick
James Augustine
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje
Matt Walsh
Travis Deiner
Gerry McNamara
Alex Loughton
Erik Daniels
Joe Shipp
Juanjo Triguero

Phoenix Suns- Las Vegas

Amare Stoudemire
Romain Sato
Maciej Lampe
Lionel Chalmers
Jeff Varem
Britton Johnsen
Chris Owens
Ruben Douglas
Tre Simmons
Tommy Smith
Nick Lewis
Massimo Bulleri

Portland Trailblazers- Las Vegas

Ha Seung-Jin
Nedzad Sinanovic
LaMarcus Aldridge
Nikoloz Tskitishvili
Kevinn Pinkney
Joel Freeland
Travis Outlaw
Martell Webster
Brandon Roy
Fred House
Sean Dockery
Hector Romero
Marque Perry
Brandon Bowman

Sacramento Kings- Las Vegas

Kevin Martin
Ronnie Price
Francisco Garcia
Ron Artest
Quincy Douby
Taj Gray
Yemi Nicholson
Justin Williams
Christian Maraker
Louis Amundson
Rod Benson
Odartey Blankson
Sam Daghlas
Curtis Green
Pooh Jeter
Sean Lampley
Hai Bei Huang

San Antonio Spurs- Salt Lake City

Melvin Sanders
CJ Watson
Charles Lee
Ian Mahinmi
Donta Smith
Thomas Gardner

Seattle Supersonics- Salt Lake City

Keith Langford
Saer Sene
Denham Brown
Yotam Halperin
Tony Bobbit
Romain Sato
Omar Williams
Johan Petro
Robert Swift
Noel Felix

Toronto Raptors- Las Vegas

William Avery
Jermaine Anderson
Andrea Bargnani
Andre Barrett
Jermaine Bucknor
Joey Graham
Justin Gray
Kris Humphries
James Maye
Velimir Radinovic
Pape Sow
P.J. Tucker
Charlie Villanueva

Utah Jazz- Salt Lake City

Ronnie Brewer
Paul Millsap
Dee Brown
CJ Miles
Rafael Araujo
Andre Owens
Deron Williams
Nate Harris

Washington Wizards- Orlando

Andray Blatche
Peter John Ramos
Donell Taylor
Oleksiy Pecherov
Rashad Anderson
Antoine Jordan
Schea Cotton
Roger Mason Jr.
Cornelius McFadgon
Jon Rogers
Will Solomon
Julian Terrell
Isiah Victor
Jermaine Walker
Logan White

As the NBA becomes more conscious of salary cap and luxury tax implications and looks to get better value from the rotation players they bring off the bench, we are beginning to see a growing trend of exploring the overseas markets for more mature and polished help from established players that put up excellent numbers in the various international leagues.

Nowhere was the groundwork for this trend more evident than in this past draft, where we saw a team like Phoenix sell off their first round pick rather than commit guaranteed money to a player they did not think could crack their deep rotation and warrant a roster spot. This was all the more obvious with the way the 2nd round was conducted, with no less than 9 trades and 10 international players picked.

When considering the option of signing an “overseas free agent,” it is worthwhile to split this category into two. On one hand we find plenty of intriguing European talent in the mold of Andres Nocioni, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Arvydas Macijuaskas, Fabricio Oberto and Jose Calderon, formerly undrafted players with impressive international resumes that were viewed as difference makers by the teams that signed them and spawned an increasing demand for similar caliber players from the NBA.

On the other are ex-American NCAA stars who were not good enough to make it and/or stick in the NBA immediately out of college and have polished their game in Europe to the point that they’ve become viable free agent targets this summer. Charlie Bell might be the best example from last year, a player who dominated the ACB Spanish league and finally achieved his dream of making and sticking in the NBA with an excellent season for the Milwaukee Bucks. Bell took a huge paycut and only cost the Bucks the minimum, but with the departure of TJ Ford looks poised to have an even better season this year and reach heights that European teams cannot match with the elusive “second contract.”

This is a dimension that must be talked about when discussing signing veteran players from Europe. Almost all of the players are stars in their own right already overseas, and enjoy the type of salaries and recognition that go along with it. If this was strictly a look at the talent overseas rather than taking into consideration the likelihood of actually being able to bring it over, there would be even more players (such as David Hawkins, Lynn Greer and Mire Chatman) to talk about. The issue here is that these players either make or are on the verge landing contracts in excess of a million dollars, which when factoring in the tax structures of contracts in the NBA and overseas (gross versus net) is worth over double what the same contract figure would be from the NBA, with much more job security and playing time guaranteed to them. In addition, European teams often provide their (best) players with top-notch apartments, cars, meals, plane tickets, phones with unlimited calls, and much more.

European teams have become so competitive with the conditions they can offer Americans and Internationals alike, that the players often cannot feasibly afford to give up 7 figure contracts in return for a minimum, often non-guaranteed contract from the NBA.

A more detailed analysis of these underlying factors can be studied in our article written last year entitled Tables Turning on NBA’s Relationship With Europe, which was written with an eye on International draft picks such as Fran Vazquez and Roko-Leni Ukic, but is just as relevant when discussing overseas free agents.

Here we will analyze the top 10 “overseas free agent” prospects on the market and discuss the likelihood of being able to sign then.

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