DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony and Matt Norlander

DX Podcast: Jonathan Givony and Matt Norlander
Jun 03, 2011, 10:50 am
Jonathan Givony joins Matt Norlander of's College Basketball Podcast to discuss various issues pertaining to the 2011 NBA Draft.

We discuss:

-How DraftExpress got started and evolved over the years.
-The David Kahn video and how it came about.
-How is our mock draft assembled and what goes into the rankings.
-What will the next few weeks look like for players and how are NBA workouts organized.
-How does the NBA draft process come together and how does it change year by year.
-What's the most crucial part of the process that plays a role in a prospect's stock.
-DeJuan Blair's ACLs.
-What aspect of a prospect's profile are teams focusing more on these days?
-How important is the mental aspect of a player in regards to the success he has in the NBA?
-Just how weak of a draft is this?
-Is Alec Burks overrated as a prospect? Should he be a top-15 pick?
-Why is Trey Thompkins projected as a 2nd round pick? Is he undervalued.
-Why do certain prospects fall in the draft during the process?
-How much stock do NBA decision makers put in NCAA success?
-Would Kemba Walker have been drafted as high had he not won a National Championship?
-What type of NBA prospect is Kemba Walker?
-Why is Kyrie Irving the "no brain" #1 pick?
-What type of prospect is Jonas Valanciunas?

Listen to the podcast here:

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