2014 L.A. Clippers Mini-Combine Measurements Released

2014 L.A. Clippers Mini-Combine Measurements Released
May 27, 2014, 07:14 pm
The official measurements from the 2014 Los Angeles Clippers Mini-Combine have been added to our extensive database. You can view event specific measurements by clicking here.

-Los Angeles Clippers Mini-Combine Recap and Analysis

Notable Results
-Scottie Wilbekin ran what would have ranked as the 2nd fastest ¾ court time recorded at the NBA combine. Wilbekin's lane agility time would have placed him 2nd as well, which coupled with his above average 38.5 inch maximum vertical leap, 4.4% body fat measurement, and 12 reps on the bench, make him one of the more well-rounded athletes in this draft class.

-Harvard's Kyle Casey recorded the top maximum vertical leap at the Clippers combine with a jump of 41 inches, which would have ranked 6th at the NBA Combine. Marquette's Jamil Wilson and California's Richard Solomon turned in the top standing vertical leap with a jump of 36 inches, which would have ranked 3rd in Chicago. The only two players with higher standing verticals were Markel Brown and Glenn Robinson.

-Eric Moreland was one of the winners of the Clippers' combine, measuring 6'10.25 in shoes with a 7'3.5 wingspan and the biggest hands of any player measured so far during the 2014 Draft process. His hand width was an even foot, which is simply astounding.

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