2008 NBA Pre-Draft Camp Rosters and Physical Only Invites

2008 NBA Pre-Draft Camp Rosters and Physical Only Invites
May 27, 2008, 09:38 am
The NBA Pre-Draft Camp kicks off tomorrow in Orlando, and the DraftExpress crew will be out in full force, covering the event for three separate media outlets (our own, Yahoo!, and Hoopshype). We hope to bring you a wide range of audio, video, photography and commentary to give you as good a feel as possible for what is going on in and around the gym.

The early list of participants we received indicates that this is a pretty strong group compared to last year, which is indicative of the strength and depth of this draft class. We've also received the physical-only invites, and media day participants.

2008 Pre-Draft Camp Participant List

Ramel Bradley
Tyrone Brazelton
Takais Brown
Keith Brumbaugh
Stanley Burrell
Brian Butch
Jamar Butler
Pat Calathes
Joe Crawford
Chris Daniels
Joey Dorsey
Marcus Dove
Josh Duncan
Frank Elegar
Wayne Ellington
Patrick Ewing Jr
Gary Forbes
Shan Foster
J.R. Giddens
James Gist
Vladimir Golubovic
Kentrell Gransberry
Danny Green
Malik Hairston
DeVon Hardin
Richard Hendrix
George Hill
Kyle Hines
Jiri Hubalek
Lester Hudson
Othello Hunter
Darnell Jackson
Shawn James
Davon Jefferson
Joseph Jones
Sasha Kaun
Marcelus Kemp
Ty Lawson
Maarty Leunen
Longar Longar
Aleks Maric
James Mays
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Drew Neitzel
DeMarcus Nelson
David Padgett
Jeremy Pargo
Trent Plaisted
Quan Prowell
Shaun Pruitt
Charles Rhodes
John Riek
Brian Roberts
Russell Robinson
Richard Roby
Sean Singletary
Ron Steele
Bryce Taylor
Mike Taylor
Mark Tyndale
Robert Vaden
Deron Washington
Sonny Weems
Reggie Williams

Notes on Pre-Draft Camp Roster…

-It looks like a pretty strong group. Some of the top players include Wayne Ellington, Shan Foster, J.R. Giddens, Malik Hairston, Devon Hardin, Richard Hendrix, Davon Jefferson, Lester Hudson, Ty Lawson, Maarty Leunen, David Padgett, Trent Plaisted, Joey Dorsey, Gary Forbes, Pat Calathes, Richard Roby and Bryce Taylor.

-This year's nominations for the "what in the world are you thinking" award goes to Jamont Gordon, a player who might not even get drafted, but due to some type of delusion of grandeur decided to pull out of the camp.

Physical Only

Joe Alexander
Darrell Arthur
D.J. Augustin
Jerryd Bayless
Michael Beasley
Eric Gordon
Donte Greene
DeAndre Jordan
Brook Lopez
Kevin Love
O.J. Mayo
JaVale McGee
Anthony Randolph
Derrick Rose
Russell Westbrook

Media Session Participants

· D.J. Augustin, Texas
· Jerryd Bayless, Arizona
· Michael Beasley, Kansas State
· Eric Gordon, Indiana
· Brook Lopez, Stanford
· Kevin Love, UCLA
· O.J. Mayo, USC
· Anthony Randolph, LSU
· Derrick Rose, Memphis

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