2007 RBK Treviso Eurocamp Projected Participants

2007 RBK Treviso Eurocamp Projected Participants
May 17, 2007, 11:59 pm
With the new rules instituted by the NBA restricting the window of opportunity to work players out to only 22 days (12 for underclassmen), the 2007 version of the RBK Eurocamp in Treviso needed to react quickly and decisively to ensure that NBA General Managers would continue to have every reason in the “world” to cross the ocean during such a crucial period in the evaluation period.

Taking a first look at the preliminary roster assembled by camp Director (and Minnesota Timberwolves Director of International Scouting) Pete Philo, it's obvious that that mission was accomplished, and with flying colors.

Featuring important (and sometimes tough to scout) pieces to the 2007 NBA Draft puzzle such as Marco Belinelli, Petteri Koponen, Kyrylo Fesenko, Joao Gomes, Brad Newley, Saúl Blanco, Miroslav Raduljica and more alongside potential future lottery and first round picks such as Nicolas Batum, Danilo Gallinari, Marko Keselj, Víctor Claver, Vladimir Dasic and others; this year's crop of International prospects in Treviso should very well be considered one that no NBA team can afford to miss. If this group holds up (and that's been somewhat of a question mark in the past), then we're talking about easily the most talented RBK Eurocamp to date.

DraftExpress will be in attendance for the fourth year in a row. The camp will be conducted this year from June 9th-12th at La Ghirada Sport Complex in Treviso, Italy.

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Confirmed in Attendance
PlayerHeightPosition Draft Status
Marco Belinelli 6'5 SG *Early Entry-Draft

Kyrylo Fesenko
7'0” C *Early Entry-Draft

Nikita Shabalkin
6'9” PF *Early Entry-Draft

Joao Gomes
6'7” SF Draft Eligible

Giorgos Printezis
6'9” SF Draft Eligible

Miroslav Raduljica
7'0” C *Early Entry-Draft

Petteri Koponen
6'4” PG *Early Entry-Draft

Ali Traore
6'9” C Draft Eligible

Yannick Bokolo
6'3” PG/SG Draft Eligible

Luka Bogdanovic
6'8” SF Draft Eligible

Egor Vialtsev
6'3” PG/SG Draft Eligible

Hakan Demirel
6'4” PG *Early Entry-Draft

Milovan Rakovic
6'10” PF Draft Eligible

Romain Duport
7'1” C *Early Entry-Draft

Rodrigue Beaubois
6'0” PG *Early Entry-Draft

Maxym Ivshyn
6'10” PF *Early Entry-Draft

Hrvoje Peric
6'8' PF Draft Eligible

Gabo Szalay
7'1” PF/C *Early Entry-Draft

Mantas Ruikis
6'5” SG Draft Eligible

Julio Toledo
6'3” SG Draft Eligible

Saúl Blanco
6'5” SG Draft Eligible

Vladimir Stimac
6'9” C*Early Entry-Draft

Rolandas Alijevas
6'4” PG Draft Eligible

Committed, but not confirmed yet
PlayerHeightPosition Draft Status
Rafael Hettsheimeir 6'10” PF/C *Early Entry-Draft

Caner Oner
6'7” SG/SF *Early Entry-Draft

Brad Newley
6'7” SG Draft Eligible

Ivan Maras
6'9” PF *Early Entry-Draft

Alexandr Rindin
7'5” C Draft Eligible

“The Next Generation”
PlayerHeightPosition Date of Birth
Danilo Gallinari 6'9” SF/PF 1988

Rudy Mbemba
6'0' PG 1987

Anton Ponkrashov
6'7” PG/SG 1986

Nicolas Batum
6'8” SF 1988

Marko Keselj
6'10” SF 1988

VÍctor Claver
6'9” SF/PF 1988

Damjan Rudez
6'10” SF 1986

Vladimir Dasic
6'10” SF/PF 1988

Mantas Kalnietis
6'5” SG 1986

Chavdar Kostov
6'3” PG/SG 1988

Nikita Kourbanov
6'8” PF 1986

Anatoly Kashirov
7'1” C 1987

Boban Marjanovic
7'1” C1988

Nenad Mijatovic
6'5” PG 1987

Aleksey Zhukaenko
6'11” PF/C 1986

Andrei Vorontcevich
6'10” C1987

Ivan Paunic
6'5” SG 1987

Sergi Llull
6'3” PG1987

Adam Darboe
6'3” PG 1986

Leigh Enobakhare
6'11” C 1986

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