2007 NBA Draft Early Entry List (Updated April 29th)

2007 NBA Draft Early Entry List (Updated April 29th)
Mar 28, 2007, 01:10 am
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Tomic will stay in draft…Koponen officially enters…Gallinari out…JamesOn Curry in...Belinelli hires American agent…Read More…

Who is officially in and out of the NBA draft as of April 29th on the domestic and international fronts, along with who is speculated to be considering entering their name or testing the waters. Links to media reports, inside information from NBA sources on the chances of underclassmen declaring and early draft projections on where the potential early-entry candidates might land.

NCAA Players- IN
PlayerClassAgent?Early Draft ProjectionCommentary
Bo McCalebb, 6-0, PG/SG, New Orleans Junior No Undrafted The 6th best scorer in the NCAA will take advantage of having his draft card in hand as a junior to test the waters and hope for an invite to Orlando.
Bruce Price, 6-3, PG/SG, Tennessee State Junior No Undrafted Ohio Valley Conference freshman of the year (03-04) hasn’t been healthy since 2005 following knee problems. He likely has no chance of being drafted or invited to the pre-draft camp.
JamesOn Curry, 6-3, PG/SG, Oklahoma State Junior No 45-Undrafted Prolific scorer will take advantage of having his draft card in hand as a junior to test the waters and hope for an invite to Orlando.
Jamont Gordon, 6-4, PG/SG, Mississippi State Sophomore No 20-45 Initially stated he’ll be back for his junior season, but decided to put his name in at the last minute. Very likely to get invited to the Orlando pre-draft camp, where he’ll be followed closely.
Sean Williams, 6-10, Center, Boston College Junior Yes (Charles Grantham) 20-undrafted After being kicked out of Boston College for alleged Marijuana-related issues, the #1 shot-blocker in the country really had nowhere else to go but the NBA. Williams could be drafted anywhere from the late first round to not at all if teams get scared off by his off the court issues.
Rodney Stuckey, 6-4, PG/SG, Eastern Washington Sophomore No 15-35 Flip-flopped a bit based on whether he was talking to the local or national media, but at the end of the day declared as most NBA people expected. Could be a big-time sleeper.
Javaris Crittenton, 6-5, Point Guard, Georgia Tech Freshman No 15-35 Testing the waters. Likely participates in the pre-draft camp before deciding whether to hire an agent. Very good chance of going in the first round.
Brandon Rush, 6-7, SG/SF, Kansas Sophomore No 15-35 Will be declaring for the draft shortly according to a source close to the player. Will not be hiring an agent until his draft stock clears up.
James Mays, 6-9, Power Forward, Clemson Junior No 40-Undrafted Strong and athletic big man had some impressive outings this season, but looks pretty far from contributing at the NBA level at this point. Has nothing to lose as a junior testing the process, and wouldn’t be a shocking invite for the pre-draft camp.
Reggie Williams, 6-5, SG/SF, VMI Junior No ??? The #1 scorer in the country is declaring for the draft according to VMI. Could very well score an invite to the pre-draft camp to see how he looks outside of VMI’s incredibly unorthodox offense—which plays at the fastest pace in the NCAA.
Joseph Jones, 6-8, PF/C, Texas A&M Junior No Undrafted Will take advantage of having his draft card in hand as a junior to test the waters and hope for an invite to Orlando. Not likely to stay in the draft as he’s considered more of an overseas prospect.
Jaycee Carroll, 6-2, Shooting Guard, Utah State Junior No Undrafted One of the top shooters in the country, will take advantage of having his draft card in hand as a junior to test the waters and hope for an invite to Orlando. Already 24 years old, and not considered particularly versatile or athletic.
Thaddeus Young, 6-8, SF/PF, Georgia Tech Freshman No 20-40 Disappointing freshman season showed that he’s pretty far off from contributing to an NBA team, but is entering his name in the draft regardless. Will need to play well at the pre-draft camp to ensure being selected in the first round.
Brandan Wright, 6-9, Power Forward, North Carolina Freshman Soon Top 5 Wright has said he would have left for the NBA last year already if it weren’t for the age limit, but when it came down to it, this appeared to be a pretty tough decision for him. In the end, it was Roy Williams that encouraged him not to pass up on being a top 5 pick.
Aaron Bruce, 6-2, Point Guard, Baylor Junior No 45-Undrafted Australian point guard has some very unique talents (playmaking skills, 3-point shooting), but has seemed to regress over the past two years playing for an awful Baylor team. Could be better served pulling his name out and going to Europe next year.
Ramon Sessions, 6-3, Point Guard, Nevada Junior No 35-undrafted As expected, will be testing the waters and hope to attend the pre-draft camp if invited. He’s a legit NBA point guard prospect who may or may not benefit from another year at Nevada.
Marcelus Kemp, 6-5, Shooting Guard, Nevada 5th year Junior Likely Undrafted As expected, Kemp will declare for the draft following his fifth year in college. Age and injury history might convince him to stay in and pursue a career overseas if the NBA doesn’t work out.
Shaun Pruitt, 6-10, PF/C, Illinois Junior No Undrafted Has his draft card in hand, and therefore nothing to lose by testing the waters. Hoping for an invite to Orlando pre-draft camp. Likely returns to school.
Charles Rhodes, 6-8, Power Forward, Mississippi State Junior No Undrafted Will be testing the waters as expected. From what we’ve seen this year, he has very little chance at getting drafted, but really has nothing to lose by making this move considering that he has his draft card in hand.
Maureece Rice, 6-1, Shooting Guard, George Washington Junior No Undrafted As a junior, has his draft card in hand and therefore nothing to lose. Will attempt to attend the pre-draft camp in Orlando if invited, but isn’t a lock to get in.
Dwight Brewington, 6-5, Shooting Guard, Liberty Junior No Undrafted As a junior, has his draft card in hand and therefore nothing to lose. Will attempt to attend the pre-draft camp in Orlando if invited, but almost certainly won’t be invited.
Gabe Pruitt, 6-4, PG/SG, USC Junior No 20-40 Pruitt will announce his intentions in the next few days to test the waters. We’ll see him at the pre-draft camp in Orlando, and he’ll decide what to do from there.
Daequan Cook, 6-5, Shooting Guard, Ohio State Freshman ??? 20-45 Started off the season great, but has become a complete non-factor for Ohio State in the month of March and beyond. Still eager to play in the NBA, and might have some academic issues, so it wouldn’t shock too many people to see him leave his name in the draft.
Greg Oden, 7-0, Center, Ohio State Freshman Yes (Mike Conley Sr.) Top 2 Father says he declare, future agent is running in circles, but it’s pretty clear that Oden is in the draft.
Roy Hibbert, 7-2, Center, Georgetown Junior No Lottery pick Only testing the waters at this point, but we can’t recall a projected lottery pick who entered his name in the draft and then decided to return.
Jeff Green, 6-9, SF/PF, Georgetown Junior No Top 20 In the draft, but just testing the waters at this point.
Mike Conley Jr, 6-1, Point Guard, Ohio State Freshman No Lottery Father and future agent has implied on multiple occasions recently that his son is in the draft.
Nick Young, 6-5, Shooting Guard, USC Junior Aaron Mintz/Mark Bartelstein (Priority Sports) 10-25 Young is in the draft for good and will be hiring his agent very shortly.
Sean Singletary, 5-11, Point Guard, Virginia Junior No 20-45’s Andy Katz reported that, according to Virginia coach Dave Leitao, Singletary “starting to check out the process and may opt to declare [for the draft].” This has since been confirmed.
Marcel Jones, 6-8, SF, Oregon State Junior No Undrafted Jones will take advantage of the rule allowing NCAA players to test their stock once by entering the draft without an agent. Smart player who puts up good numbers on a bad team, but is not considered particularly athletic, versatile or a good shooter.
Wilson Chandler, 6-8, SF/PF, DePaul Sophomore Yes (Chris Grier Luchey) 20-45 Sources told DraftExpress exclusively on Wednesday that Chandler will be entering the draft and hiring an agent. This is a move that caught us, and likely NBA teams, off guard.
Kevin Durant, 6-10, SF/PF, Texas Freshman Aaron Goodwin Top 2 Durant shocked no one by announcing he’ll be entering the draft, especially not DraftExpress. The only question now is, how big will his shoe deal be?
DeVon Hardin, 6-11, Center, Cal Junior No 20-40 Hardin suffered a season ending foot injury three months ago, but will put his name in the draft regardless to see how warm the waters are. If he is regarded as a first-round pick, he will likely keep his name in.
Arron Afflalo, 6-5, Shooting Guard, UCLA Junior Yes (Sam Goldfeder/Excel Sports Mgmt. 20-40 Afflalo declared for the draft last year already, so he’s in for good now.
Julian Wright, 6-8, SF/PF, Kansas Sophomore No Lottery Wright reiterated numerous times all season long that he will be returning for his junior season and plans on completing his degree next year, but surprisingly changed his mind and will now enter the draft.
Jason Smith, 7-0, PF/C, Colorado State Junior No 10-25 Announced he’ll be testing the waters and will be navigating the process without officially hiring an agent.
Dominic James, 5-11, Point Guard, Marquette Sophomore No 20-40 Multiple sources have told DraftExpress that James will enter the draft without an agent and attend the Orlando pre-draft camp.
Al Horford, 6-10, PF/C, Florida Junior Yes (Aaron Goodwin) Top 10 Went out in a blaze of glory after winning his second consecutive NCAA championship. Will be hiring an agent soon according to reports.
Joakim Noah, 6-11, PF/C, Florida Junior Yes (Donald Dell/Bill Strickland) Top 10 Might have gone #1 overall last year, but decided to stay to defend his title. Will be signing with his father’s agent, Donald Dell of ProServ.
Corey Brewer, 6-9, Small Forward, Florida Junior Yes (Bill Strickland/Kim Griller) Lottery Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player. Will be announcing his agent’s name soon.
Taurean Green, 6-1, Point Guard, FloridaJunior No 20-45 The engine that made the Gators go, but also the least regarded prospect of their junior class due to his lack of size and consistency. For now only testing the waters to see where his stock stands, but is not expected to return.
Spencer Hawes, 7-0, Center, Washington Freshman Likely Top-20 Announced his decision to enter and did not sound like he will be coming back.
Marcus Williams, 6-7, SG/SF, Arizona Sophomore Yes (Rob Pelinka) 15-35 Announced he’ll be leaving Arizona and has reportedly signed with Kobe Bryant’s agent Rob Pelinka. Draft stock is all over the place.
Roy Bright, 6-6, SG, Delaware State Junior No Undrafted Bright, a highly touted high school recruit who transferred to Delaware State out of Cincinnati, told DraftExpress that he plans on testing the waters this year, and is hoping for an invite to the Orlando pre-draft camp.
Josh McRoberts, 6-10, Power Forward, DukeSophomore Yes (Arn Tellem)10-25McRoberts wasted no time in announcing he’ll be leaving Duke for good, despite the fact that his draft stock is highly volatile following a fairly disappointing sophomore season.
Dominic McGuire, 6-8, Small Forward, Fresno StateJunior No20-40Informed DraftExpress that he will be entering this draft. Still hasn’t officially hired an agent.
Glen Davis, 6-8, Power Forward, LSUJunior Yes (John Hamilton)20-40 Davis surprisingly decided to return to LSU last year after making the Final Four, and did not really have the type of season he needed either individually or from a team perspective to not hurt his draft stock. That puts him on the bubble as far as the 1st round goes.
Chris Daniels, 7-0, Center, Texas A&M-CC4th year Junior No50-Undrafted Will test the waters according to his head coach Ronnie Arrow. Daniels had a solid showing against Wisconsin in the NCAA tournament, but has struggled with poor conditioning and question marks about his work ethic throughout his career.

International Players- IN
PlayerYearNationalityEarly Draft Projection Commentary
Nikita Shabalkin, 6-8, Power Forward, VVS Samara (Russia) 1986 Russia 31-Undrafted Entering the draft according to his agent Eric Fleisher. One of the most productive players in his age group, averaged 22.5 points per game in the FIBA EuroCup, but lacks some prototypical size and athleticism for position.
Deyan Ivanov, 6-9, Power Forward, Drac Inca Mallorca (LEB) 1986 Bulgaria Undrafted One year before becoming automatically eligible, Ivanov has decided to test the waters. He was having a nice in the relatively strong Spanish 3rd division (LEB-2) and just recently transferred to the second division (LEB), but is typically not considered an NBA caliber athlete or defender at his position.
Kaloyan Ivanov, 6-9, Power Forward, Vive Menorca (ACB) 1986 Bulgaria Undrafted Deyan’s twin brother is also declaring for the draft we’re told. Plays in the Spanish ACB as a not-very productive backup, and like his brother, is not considered an NBA caliber athlete or defender at his position.
Marco Belinelli, 6-5, Shooting Guard, Climamio Bologna 1986 Italy 15-35 One year before becoming automatically eligible, Belinelli enters the draft for the first time. He’s hired an American agent (Sam Goldfeder) and should have a standard 500k buyout in his contract.
Petteri Koponen, 6-5, PG, Honka Playboys 1988 Finland 25-undrafted Koponen told DraftExpress’ Mike Schmidt that he is likely to enter this year’s draft. Still a bit of an unknown, and not a prototypical NBA point guard from an athletic standpoint. Testing stock probably can’t hurt, though.
Artem Zabelin, 7-0, PF, Avtodor Saratov (Higher League) 1988 Russia 31-60Agent Marc Cornstein told DraftExpress that Zabelin will be in this year’s draft. Considered a prospect with nice upside, but only plays in the 4th division in Russia. Likely years away from contributing, if he pans out.
Yi Jianlian, 7-0, PF/C, Guangdong Tigers 1984/1987? China Lottery pick Already announced he’ll be entering months ago. Hired Dan Fegan as his American agent.
Joe Ingles, 6-8, Small Forward, South Dragons 1987 Australia 40-Undrafted Has told the Australian media on multiple occasions that he will test the draft waters in order to gain some name recognition in the US. Under contract next year with the South Dragons
Ante Tomic, 7-2, Center, KK Zagreb 1987 Croatia 15-30 Agent Marc Cornstein told DraftExpress he will be entering the draft, and likely staying. A raw center with outstanding talent, but still extremely underdeveloped physically. Agent seems to think he has a good indication of where he’ll be picked in the first round.
Stanko Barac, 7-1, Center, Siroki 1986 Croatia 25-50 Agent Marc Cornstein told DraftExpress he will be entering the draft. A big man who enjoyed a breakout season in the Adriatic League. Skilled player who has most of the attributes the NBA usually looks for in international centers. Late bloomer, doesn’t have great name recognition amongst NBA executives, and therefore could use the exposure of testing the draft.
Kyrylo Fesenko, 6-11, Center, Cherkassy Monkeys 1986 Ukraine 25-50 Entered the draft last year already and pulled out. Intriguing prospect due to his solid athleticism and budding skill-set from inside and out. Has bounced around continuously the last few years, and his situation is confusing to say the least. Will be in this year’s draft again.

NCAA/International Players- OUT
Nicolas Batum, 6-8, SF, Le Mans 1988 FranceHad a last minute change of heart according to agent, and will return to Le Mans next season hoping to boost his stock into the top 5 in 2008.
Hasheem Thabeet, 7-3, Center, UConn Freshman Yes Went back and forward before eventually making the correct decision to stay another year.
Darrell Arthur, 6-9, Power Forward, Kansas Freshman No Didn’t make an official announcement, but Kansas coach Bill Self told the media numerous times he’s staying.
James Davis, 7-0, Center, Lamar 4th year Junior No Big man with plenty of natural talent, but also serious concerns about his conditioning. Considered leaving Lamar for the NBA or overseas, but in the end will stay put.
Chris Lofton, 6-2, Shooting Guard, Tennessee Junior No Lofton talked about considering entering the draft, but Coach Bruce Pearl is now indicating that Lofton will return for his senior year.
Josh Shipp, 6-5, SG/SF, UCLA Redshirt Soph Yes Seemed likely to test the waters to see where his stock lies, but will be unable to due to additional hip surgery he will undergo.
Darren Collison, 6-1, Point Guard, UCLA Sophomore Yes Reportedly on track to graduate as a junior, and has announced his intentions to return.
Anton Ponkrashov, 6-7, PG/SG, CSKA Moscow 1986 Yes Claudio Crippa, the Director of Scouting for Euroleague powerhouse CSKA Moscow, officially informed DraftExpress via email that their 6-7 guard Anton Ponkrashov "will NOT be available for the 2007 NBA Draft."
Joey Dorsey, 6-9, PF/C, Memphis Junior Yes Told DraftExpress he will not be putting his name in the draft this year.
DJ White, 6-8, Power Forward, Indiana Redshirt Sophomore Yes Kelvin Sampson told the Indianapolis Star that White will be back for his 4th year of college basketball .
Ryan Anderson, 6-9, Power Forward, Cal Freshman No Sources at Cal indicate that Anderson will be back next season.
Malik Hairston, 6-6, SF, Oregon Junior Yes Wisely announced he’ll be returning for senior season.
Alexis Ajinca, 7-1, PF/C, Pau Orthez 1988 Yes Agent Bouna Ndiyae told DraftExpress that Ajinca will not be entering his name in this year’s draft.
Tywon Lawson, 5-11, Point Guard, North Carolina Freshman Yes Sources close to the situation told DraftExpress that Lawson is “99% returning” to Chapel Hill…Recently confirmed this.
Tyler Hansbrough, 6-9, Power Forward, North Carolina Sophomore Yes Numerous sources close to the player and program have told DraftExpress that Hansbrough is 100% returning…Recently confirmed this
Chase Budinger, 6-7, SG/SF, Arizona Freshman Yes Was originally on the two-year plan at Arizona and has now stated unequivocally that he will indeed be back next season.
D.J. Augustin, 5-11, Point Guard, Texas Freshman Yes Father told the Texas media that he’ll be returning for his sophomore season. Had a terrific freshman season, despite the terrible ending, but could certainly use another year in school.
Mario Chalmers, 6-2, PG/SG, Kansas Sophomore Yes Announced he’s returning after losing in the Elite Eight. Probably was not in a position to enter the draft regardless.
Brook Lopez, 7-0, PF/C, Stanford Freshman Yes Decided to avoid the scuttlebutt early and came out announcing his intentions to return in a press conference following Stanford’s blowout loss to Louisville in the NCAA tournament.
Scottie Reynolds, 6-1, Point Guard, Villanova Freshman Yes Big East freshman of the season wisely decided to stay for another year under Jay Wright.

PlayerClassLikely?Early Draft Projection Commentary

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